We have known for some time now that poor families end up living in cheaper housing which is often in close proximity to busy roads.

Due to #Covid19, emergency measures can now be taken to reduce #airpollution on busy residential main roads..... or side roads can be closed.
When you close side roads without mitigation for residential main roads, you are knowingly increasing the #LifeExpectancyGap between the most and least affluent communities. 😧
#LowTrafficNeighbourhood #HighTrafficNeighbourhood
@rosamund_ElsFdn @hackneywick @CleanAirLondon
Black British children are exposed to up to 30% more air pollution than their white counterparts. @visitcamberwell @OneCamberwell @hackneywick @BrixtonParent @CleanAirLondon @rosamund_ElsFdn @RedMajid @Lizzieredhair @journo_pen @lynnefriedli @outercircles https://twitter.com/wef/status/1289561521215897600?s=20
By closing side roads for LTNs & displacing traffic to residential main roads, could we be witnessing the emergence of a new wave of socio-spatial injustice leading potentially to new forms of #urbanexclusion, #healthinequity, and #environmentalinjustice?
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