Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is

The specificity of Twitter is that every message is constrained to 280 characters and under, but sometimes you simply can’t get all your thoughts across in just a single tweet. Or even you’re following a good author and you struggle to read his threads fluently.
This is the probleme that TWText comes to slove by collect those tweets together into one piece of text on a designed page to allow an easy read of the whole thread.

How the site works ?

After receiving the orders from the visitors of our web site or Twitter users who mention us, we use Twitter API to collect the tweets and convert theme into a one complete thread.

The legality of our service

According to Twitter Terms of Service From Twitter’s Terms of Service: “...This license authorizes Twitter to make your Content available to the rest of the world and to let others do the same...".
Which means that the Twitter users authorize Twitter automatically to make there contents and tweets available to not just Twitter, but also on many third-party projects, news websites, blogs, etc.
Twitter give us the access to Twitter API after presenting our project, and we are comply and bound to Twitter by the Developer Agreement and Policy that grant us a Licence to display Twitter content.

Can TWText access to private Twitter accounts ?

Twitter API don't give us private accounts data, so we can't collect their tweets.

Can I Delete my threads from TWText ?

We respect your rejection if you dont want your tweets be unrolled on TWText Tool, you can delete your tweets in a very easy way by only mention us with the keyword ‘DELETE'.