There are a lot of misconceptions about the Turkish diaspora in Germany. Since i just finished writing an essay about this topic I thought it's time to give other people some informations as well. [1/11]
Back in the 50s Germany suffered from a huge labor shortage. In 1955 Germany signed a contract with Italy, followed by contracts with Spain and Greece. However, even after those contracts there was still some labor shortage and in 1961 Germany and Turkey signed a contract. [2/11]
The Turkish "Gastarbeiter" (Guestworkers) arrived in 1967, 1971 and 1973. The first group in 1967 came mostly from the Marmara region and the second and third group from the Centre/East of Turkey. [3/11]
The initial idea was to let them work for a few years and then they were supposed to return to Turkey.
This didn't happen for several reason.
Turkish children already started to go to school in Germany. Turkey at this time had several political and social problems. [4/11]
The first generation was obviously closer connected to Turkey than to Germany. The main goal was to support the family in Turkey and to provide a better life for their own children. Many Turkish workers worked in more than job to provide those goals for their families
The second (and now third or even fourth) Generation spent most of their lives in Germany. Growing up between cultures is hard. Most Turkish families maintained a more traditional educations at home meanwhile the German society went for a more modern education [6/11]
Nationalist and religious families tend to feel closer to Turkey. They are mostly from the Central part of Turkey. However being religious does not mean they didn't integrate. Many young Turkish studied or work as Engineers, professors etc. [7/11]
Other Turkish families, especially Alevi assimiliated into the German culture. Turkish families can be completely different. Religious-conservative but also extremly modern or even assimiliated
However, a growing hate towards the Turkish society makes it incredible hard to feel like home in Germany. The Turkish families are an integral part of Germany. We have Turkish people in nearly every political party, as professors or teachers, as actors or singers [9/11]
Germany has about 2.9-3.5 million people with a Turkish migration backround.
About 1.5 million have a Turkish passport.
Thousands of them are studying or have already graduated.
Instead of focussing on negative aspects, we should appreciate how much the Turkish diaspora helped Germany. They reconstructed the country and are actively involved in Germany. Also one of Germanys most popular foods "Döner" was invented by a Turkish Guestworker
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