Because food is the only comfort but that is not hitting the point right now. Garam garam gobhi parantha with achar to try.

PS : Thread for 2020 home cooked meals, simple and elaborate
Thread from last year
Yesterday’s comforting lunch
Tomato-Dahi walle aloo
Sewiyan kheer
Home made pinnis which practically defines winters for me in many ways. Read more here
Lots of pongal cooking, final photo soon.
Pongal lunch

1. Onion Vetha Kazhumbu
2. Avarekalu Kazhumbu
3. Sambhar
4. Cabbage-Carrot Poriyal
5. Kosambari
6. Pepper Rasam
7. Green tomato chutney
8. Masala vada
9. Ven Pongal
10. Shakara Pongal
11. Curd
12. Papad
13. And Kaanji to represent my Punjabi side ;)
Breakfast today - Green tomato chutney, masala idli and pineapple thokku

Running in veins right now. Kaanji ❤️
Dinner scenes on child’s demand. Thai curry & pumpkin noodle soup. Salad with mixed greens, tomato, cukes, radish and some cheese. God, I love deadline & deliverable less cooking 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Anti national breakfast this morning. 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 #LovePoha #Poha #PohaTwitter
Packed for today’s lunch along with some raita is Cholia Puloa. Now it will be cholia in everything till my family complains 😂😂
A simple weekday vegetarian lunch. Working from home has now become treasured for these hot lunches for me

On the plate - Pulao, raita, salad with baby spinach (from the garden), pickled black carrots, tomatoes, radish & microgreens. Some chutney too
One month into 2020 & not a single Kadhi Chawal tweet. Fixing that with tonight’s dinner.

Breaking my no carbs at home for dinner rule tonight for this
Just another Sunday thaali lunch.
On my thaali is ⁣
🥬 Dal Palak⁣
🌿 Aloo Methi⁣
🥚 Egg Curry ⁣
🌶 Karela Sabji⁣
🥖 Roti⁣
🥙 Cucumber, Black Carrot, Tomato & microgreens salad⁣
🥕 Black Carrot Halwa ⁣

Also, high time we have a Thaali emoji no?
Made a delicious and interesting halwa. Any guesses what it is made of?
Dealing with Monday blues with crazy breakfast toasts. ⁣

Chutney. Strawberry Jam. Bhujiya. ⁣

Yes, it is AMAZING 😉

Who else loves these crazy sweet-savoury sandwiches?⁣

#sinamon #sinamonKitchen #latePost
Masala Dosa, Sambhar, Chutney, Podi ♥️

Happy Friday everyone
Mooli paranthas with its leaves stuffed to the brim. Also people DO NOT COOK the mooli.

This will be followed by adrak chai. @sushmitas thinking of you ;) cc @kavitharao
Today has been a good food day. Working from home when the rest of the world is holidaying has it’s own plus points.

Pulao with LOADS of fresh and tender green peas. Probably the last of the season.
Akki roti, Avrakkae kurma, tomato chutney for breakfast today ♥️

My weekend started well, yours?
Saturday night at Home, Locke & Key with the child on Netflix. Sheet pan grilled chicken & rum. Might have been the most perfect Saturday in weeks ❤️

What are you guys upto?
Dinner - Idli, mutton ball curry, chicken masala. Perfect way to end the weekend and get ready for a gruelling week ahead.
Summer salads are here. Mixed greens, grapefruit, strawberries with a lemom-mustard-caper dressing.

Detailed recipe here
My most favourite pickled in the world. Can’t wait for it to be ready so that I can eat it all 😀
More pickles 😍😍

1. Gajar Gobhi Shalgam ka achar
2. Kaali gajar ka mustard walla achar
3. Sarsoon walli hari mirchi
4. Paani walli hari mirchi (which is now fancily called lacto fermented chillies)

With my growing obsession with fermented foods , pickles are new favourite
Simple Holi lunch with family. A beer date happened with sister before this. Perfect sneaking out on a working day 😬

Rajma chawal, Dahi Bhalla, gujiya and Kaanji 💕

Happy Holi everyone
Saturday night dinner of Spaghetti aglio e olio with prawns & a more than generous sprinkle of Kodai Parmesan. Served along with stuffed mushrooms (shrivelled up because these were the only mushrooms sabji walla had & child wss craving) . What you eating this Sat night?
8 weeks of somewhat rest and mum is finally starting to cook (she is fine now, had a fracture). I won’t complain as I am getting paranthas for lunch 💕 #lateTweet
Dinner tonight. Salad with baby spinach, strawberries, cukes, grapes & capers dressing served with garlic bread and chilli scrambled eggs. Happy Friday people 💕
Breakfast this morning was last of the makki atta from pantry, Methi from kitchen garden. Home made curd and achar

#cookinginacrisis #CookTogetherAtHome #sinamonKitchen
And lunch - Kala Channa, jeera sambal rice, kachumber salad. Going to share simple meals too because a lot of people have been asking for cooking/meal ideas

#cookinginacrisis #CookTogetherAtHome
And dinner. Fish curry made in mudpot, coconut chutney and dosa

#cookinginacrisis #Quaratinecooking #cookTogetherAtHome
Breakfast today - Rawa Idli , sambhar , chutney and generous sprinkle of curry leaves podi ❤️
Matar poha for a migrane walli morning 😢😢 Going to shutdown and sleep now

PS : Recipe is on the blog if you want
Lunch of Punjabi Dum Aloo (recipe coming soon) , kachumber salad and paranthas. Thanks to mum didn’t have to cook on a migraine day
Today was a real hard/bad day for me at many many levels. I needed some comfort and mum made this Besan Seera for me. This has always felt like hugs to me and I kind of make this everytime I miss her. It felt good to have this made by her today 💕
Buttermilk upma for those asking. Made normally but instead of water I used thin buttermilk to cook. I feel it adds a brilliant tang to it and leads to a better texture too
Today’s dinner was supposed to be Indian Chinese but then I realised I don’t have noodles at home 😭 Thought of using Spaghetti but then decided to thaw the Marinara in the freezer, add some veggies & sausages, top with cheese. Perfect dinner in 20 mins
A very late lunch because I had a office all hands but Beer & Biryani is what the doctor ordered today to get over the strange frustration and low I have been feeling.

Yes, recipe coming in an hour
Second day of rains, had to give in and make pakoras. Aloo and pyaaz.

The chutney is kickass though. Made from whatever I had in kitchen- pudina, parsley, ginger, green chillies and onion flowers
Today’s lunch is every Punjabi’s heartbeat ;) Here is my family’s Rajma recipe. It is easy and it’s KICKASS!!

#Lockdown2 #lockDownCooking
Lunch joy 😍
Dinner was supposed to be egg bhurji but then there were LEFTOVERS (isn’t that the most happy word these days). But needed eggs because I worked out this evening after a long time + too many eggs in the fridge. So soft boiled eggs topped with sea salt & chilli oil because why not
I am too tired to list out the things I have done since morning but just leaving it here that having breakfast now only after waking up at 7am or so. That too working breakfast because meeting .
How was your morning people?

Looks like all meals will be working meals today. Thanking god I cooked in the morning. And oh cucumber after 10 days because I was strangely not able to find it. And last of my stuffed mirchi pickle 😭😭 Sabji is everyday palak paneer without butter or cream & homemade paneer
Stop whatever you are doing and look at my brunch today ❤️Sourdough Bhatura and chole.

Recipe of both exist on blog but I’ll try and do a step by step too in stories (but a nap first, ate way too many of them today). ⁣
Some dishes want to make you kiss your own hands. Presenting to you Chicken Ghee (roast) Roast Chicken (don’t talk to me about cholesterol right now)

#sundayRoast #lockdownLife #chicken #sundaybrunch
Weird brunch but then these are weird times.
Mooli parantha
Egg chaat salad

Now to clean the house 😭🙄

I keep telling myself I shouldn’t indulge but then it rains and we get bored and result is. Errrr bread pakora 🤦🏽‍♀️😂
Some Sundays need Maggi for breakfast. Yes, go right ahead and judge me if you want 😜
What was lunch today.
Palak aloo
Boiled egg

I find myself clicking such less food photos these days (apart from what I want to post recipe for). Weird because everyone else seems to be clicking food pictures so much.
Kulfa Kadhi, chawal and kheera for lunch. most greens work here. I often do this to kadhi when I am not in a mood of pakora frying. Make kadhi add some chopped greens/veggies. Palak/methi/amaranth/malabar spinach/rocket leaves/kale. Anything you fancy or have at hand
Fabulous dinner tonight. Garlic butter prawns & perfectly crisped toast made by the child. And I whipped up a salad with some homegrown lettuce, mangoes, cukes & olive Bocconcini & simple lemon vinaigrette. I love these cooking together evenings.
Today’s breakfast was this simple yet flavourful Palak Dhokla (in my case mix of many greens left over in the fridge actually)

Recipe here - 

Sometimes all it takes is to put the lunch in a thaali to feel better about it.

Hari mirch.

Middle of the working day with no nap in sight 😳
Dinner today is this delicious and spicy devilled beef with some parotas. This also made for a great snack with that IPA 😍😍
Today’s super simple and super delicious lunch. I think if well made gobhi ki sabji is a such kickass dish
Sunday lunch of Biryani and beer. Made by man & child using @kannammacooks recipe.

#lockdownn #sundayvibes #biryani #beer
Birthday lunch for the main man.

Full meals, mango lemon cheesecake and a small masked drive post that. Not a bad birthday considering COVID
Today’s breakfast was super delicious 😋 Pepper & Parmesan sourdough with Nepali Aloo salad, goat cheese served by a side of oven roasted tomatoes. So delicious that I forgot to post 😂😂 Bread from @LivingFoodCo
It’s turning out to be a good food day. Poori, kala channa made in my multipot without zero effort, salad, achaar . With a side of Teams call 🙄😭😂
Even dinner was delicious today. Spicy noodles and sausages sautéed in chilli oil . Tomorrow might me khichdi for all I know 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Also this avocado hummus topped with chilli oil and crispy chilli flakes was pretty delicious 😋 Really thankful for the direct from farm produce in these times
Today’s lunch was dedicated to dad. Don’t like Jimikand (Yam) but he used to adore this tubor. Some chole (because I had boiled chickpeas for salad that I had no time making during the week), achar , salad & poori. Sunday became better for sure!

Making @Saeek ‘s Misal for lunch today (along with kanda lahsun masala from scratch). The house smells sooo good right now. Also doing this in parallel with calls, oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Ok. This was my EPIC lunch. Misal recipe from @Saeek is a keeper. The main man who spent two years in Pune & misses misal the most highly approves. And that Kanda-Lahsun masala is the BOMB . Now the question is how to work after a lunch like this
Was craving Dahi Bhalla since I spoke about them with @RushinaMG in the #SpiceChronicles live on Monday. Had to make them this weekend. Soo sooo good. The picture might not be perfect but the dahi bhalla is! Will shoot better pic & share recipe.
Also for dinner is this perfect for the weather Lime & Coconut Soup with chicken meatballs. Made these for a live session & Ojas is claiming he wants all of it for himself ;) Recipe is on @eazydiner insta page
It was such a fabulous lunch, which deserved a nap but didn’t get. 😀

🥘 Channa dal with sponge gourd (Galka)
🥒 Kundru/Tendli fry
🧀 Paneer & Capsicum sabji
🐠 Fish fry
🥗 Cukes with microgreens
🌶 Stuffed chilli pickle
🥭 Avakkai
🍞 Roti
🍚 Because avakkai deserves some
Heavily taxed lunch today ;) Pandi curry and Kerala Parota

#HandsOffPorotta #ParotasAreNotRotis #GSTWallaParota #parantha
Late dinner this Saturday but Soups are best with some Chilli Oil Drizzle.

#soup #chillioil #sinamonKitchen
It is truly soup season in Bangalore ❤️Grapefruit salad snd some almond crackers on the side today

#lowcarb #dindin #sinamonKitchen
Seems like all I am tweeting these days are soup meals. But they are just the perfect dinner for this weather.

Fennel & Fresh Turmeric Soup (topped with Chilli oil of course)
Chopped salad with avocado dressing
Grilled chicken
Leftovers kind of breakfast for family today while I sip on rosemary & cranberry infused hot water and wait for my 16hr fast to get over.

Super crisp dosas & Podi walla Idli upma. What are you eating for breakfast people?
Not so great picture of delicious breakfasts. Breakfasts because me and family ate different things.

Drumstick leaves Adai & peanut chutney for family
Anda bhurji & pickled cucumbers for me.

Weekend is almost here, can we have Kadhi Chawal for lunch kind of day today. With some let’s clear the fridge of leftovers walla tikki. And oh don’t miss the ghee-mirchi tadka on top.

Like dear friend @lavanyad says, won’t call this a cheat meal but a reward meal.
Today’s breakfast was an indulgent treat from my Delhi bakery memories. Aloo patty like we call it, essentially a puff stuffed with samosa kind of masala. I mean what’s not to love. Flour. Butter. Aloo. Cheese. Who else loves these?

A simple idli-chutney dinner today because it was a sucky & mad day with only 15 mins to put together dinner. Also #steeltheshow for @historywali because well that is nothing new about that on my feed ❤️
Breakfast that the man & child made this morning.

Sourdough bread. Chilli Jam. Black Pepper Gouda. Bocconcini. Charred Snacking peppers. Lettuce.

Let’s just say weekend is here ❤️❤️
Super indulgent & so delicious Saturday brunch of homemade Vada Pav today. I think this might have been my best ever. The man with Pune memories said it took him back to Pune. ❤️ And of course there was beer 🍺

Child after eating aloo parantha for breakfast- “The power of good food is unbeatable” 😀💕

What is the good food you are eating this Sunday?
Dinner tonight - Green peas soup topped with chilli oil (I don’t think I can drink soups without it anymore 🤦🏽‍♀️)
Carby comforting breakfast this morning. Probably one of my favourite indulgences - Sabudana Khichdi
I have been slacking in the kitchen with cook making most of our meals. This week however I have made my way back slowly. In everyday routine meals. BTW, the palak aloo recipe in the first picture is a bomb & very versatile. Works with most greens
Today’s breakfast. All homemade. I truly cook/bake when stressed.

Rawa Idli. Masala Vada. Coconut Chutney. Sambhar.

What did you have this Saturday morning?
Kickass lunch also today. Fish curry (mangalore style) and some appams. All homemade from scratch. Now for that snooze.
PS: going to ignore the carb guilt 😬
Today really has been a good food day. Hope this continues tomorrow. Shinavar walle chole with rice & onions for dinner. The man is carbloading for triathlon tomorrow and we are all eating rice 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Breakfast today. Grilled cheese sandwiches made by the child. He made just the way I like it, spicy with green chillies, bit of hot sauce & touch of onions. Also full marks to him for the beautifully crisping. #ojasCooks
And lunch was epic too. Homemade burgers which were made better with Kimchi from @madmanweb , details in the pictures (because I am too lazy to type again). Only wish I had better buns, read the picture to know why I don’t
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