Seeing as we’re approaching Halloween
A handkerchief which, when wiped against a clean surface, will come away stained with blood
Compass which points to the nearest person who has thought about killing a friend
A set of nesting dolls that look increasingly afraid each time they are unpacked
Loose-hanging necklace that makes the wearer feel like they are being strangled
A key which renders any door locked forever
Pen that writes in the hand of the last person to use it
Sculpture of flames made from iron nails, scalding hot to the touch
An abacus which, when held, slowly counts out the number of times the holder has lied to a loved one
Venetian mask made from a single piece of perfectly smooth bone
Sealed lead box emanating a faint heartbeat
Wooden carving of a man, limbs bent at impossible angles
A lamp whose flame flickers when carried past an unmarked grave
Silk bag containing thirteen identical teeth
Hand saw that emits faint screams when used to cut wood
Boots that make the wearer feel like they're falling
Piece of uncut flint. Gives black sparks when struck against iron
Small sparrow's nest which drives animals away
Seamless wooden sphere. Scratching can be heard from within.
Length of thick rope which compels the holder to self-flagellate
Hand mirror. Your reflection appears still and pallid. Its eyes are closed.
Robin's egg with a thick black crack running its length. Cannot be broken.
Bundle of chains, scarred with teethmarks
Music box that plays the sound of wind through trees
Tallow candle that flickers to life at midnight
Silver coin with faces rubbed unrecognisible by age. When tossed, lands unerringly on its side.
Small, porcelean flute. Too heavy for the strongest man to lift.
Fire iron, an imprint of fingers around the point
A delicate glass bell which can only be rung by a child
Standing mirror. Reflections are delayed by a fraction of a second.
Bag that contains something lost. Each item is irrepairably broken once it's removed
Vellum sheet with unrecognisible runes. Causes headaches to those who try to read it
Glass rat skull, still with scraps of fur
Marble plinth, waist high. Anything placed on it starts to rapidly decay
Well-used brass door knocker the size of a fingernail.
Tarnished silver pin, sharp enough to pierce stone
Clockwork rabbit that, when wound and left unsupervised, will endeavour make its way into the nearest fire
Jewellery box containing only fingernails, studded with precious gems
Pruning shears that laugh when beheading roses
Mother of pearl button. Anyone holding it will attempt to choke on it, unless physically restrained
Brass looking glass, through which vast, shadowed figures can be seen
A rabbit snare that tightens of its own accord
Pair of blackened ivory dice, compelling the holder to throw them until the value of all throws equals the number of sins they have denied
Mottled silk necktie, laced with tiny hooks
Cold iron mousetrap, baited with a tiny silver cup of mead
A bookmark that makes the reader forget the preceeding pages
Flat, circular rock, cool to the touch. Causes water to boil when immersed.
Leather bag of yellowed bone marbles. When struck together, they give off sparks.
Golden earrings representing a tower. The wearer hears whispered cries for help.
A gilded crow's beak, suspended in a block of cracked glass
Palm-sized pocketwatch, half embedded in rock
A stopwatch that begins to tick one minute before the holder suffers a terrible injury
Stained-glass window depicting a hanged man. Shadows flicker across the surface
Length of brightly-coloured ribbon. Causes the wearer to sob uncontrollably.
Jade brooch depicting a burning field. Smells faintly of smoke and charred flesh.
Solid amber pendent with a spider trapped inside. The spider's mandibles twitch when exposed to moonlight.
Comb made out of ivory. A faint carving depicts a young girl. Any hair it touches turns bone white.
Wire circlet. Fills the wearer with a sense of delight and wonder, often bursting into laughter. Causes a nosebleed that lasts thirteen days
Fish hook with a carved figure of a small boy as the lure. When cast in open water, will always reel in fragments of decaying clothes
Hourglass cased in sigil-scarred brass. When turned the sand falls from the top, while the bottom remains empty.
Tin soldier with a bloodstained sword. If cleaned, the stain will reappear the following morning.
Silvery and ruby hair-pin in the shape of a swallow . The wearer seeks to climb as high as they can, and step out, believing they can fly
Painting of mushrooms growing on a fallen log. In the centre, a keyhole, invisible from the other side, and deeper than the painting itself
A lock of blonde hair, tied to a charred wooden rod with a leather strip
A bouquet of red roses in full bloom, each petal a painted human fingernail
A ship in a bottle. Its sails billow in spite of the cork.
A piece of sea glass, white and opaque, resembling the figure of a cowering man.
Hand-size human figure made of bundled twigs. Shakes uncontrollably during a thunderstorm
Musketball which, unless resting on a layer of salt, will proceed to burn through anything it touches
Anatomically correct model of a human hand, seemingly carved from stone, and sheared at the wrist. A silver pin is stuck in the thumb
Hand ax which, when struck against a tree, reveals the bleeding flesh beneath the bark
Hand-sized piece of dry honeycomb, each cell containing a dead drone
Mummified mouse heart suspended in a silver cage. When worn about the neck, the heart begins to beat in the presence of the dying.
Wicker face mask which laces at the back. If the wearer tries to take it off, the laces will start to pull tighter.
Small, clay pipe. When packed with tobacco and lit, dancing figures can be seen in the smoke
A string of pearls in a wooden presentation box. If given as a gift, the recipient will feel compelled to walk into the ocean.
Six yard-long lengths of bramble, tied together with a handle made of rat tails.
A deck of frayed tarot cards. They will inflict deep cuts on anyone who handles them
A blood-stained meat hook, made of glass
Porcelain doll in a glass box. If taken from the box overnight, the following morning it will be surrounded by mice, each with a broken neck
A moth-eaten bridal veil. When not on display, the faint sounds of a sobbing woman can be heard from inside wherever it is stored.
Leather mask shaped to resemble a man's face, its features contorted in angony. Black oil seeps from the eyes every full moon
A pair of cold iron manacles linked by silver chain. They are so small they could only be used on wrists no thicker than the stem of a daisy
Stone statue of a hooded figure. Standing in its shadow causes sensations of great heat, and the sounds of distant screams
Scarred bronze coin. If asked a question about future events and tossed in the air, it will land on its edge and remain still. After the event in question takes place, it will fall to the face that would have given the answer.
Hand-sized model of a mosquito exquisitely made from clockwork and glass. When wound, will take flight, and seek to fill its reservoir until the mechanism runs out.
Rat-king automata crafted from wood and brass. Every hour, the gears engage, and the rats begin to fight. No winding mechanism can be found.
Gramophone with a dented brass horn, and a manufacturer's plaque reading "Algos Music". Regardless of the record used, it will play the faint sounds of far-off sobbing and pleading. Once the record comes to an end, the vinyl is damaged beyond repair.
Small silk bag full of buttons, all of different sizes. Anyone who opens the bag is compelled to count them. They will invariably lose count before completion, and will insist on starting again.
Leatherbound book of pressed flowers. The pages are yellow with age, and there is an inscription reading "Emilia Jones, 1863". None of the plants resemble any currently known species.
Rusted typewriter with a length of tattered hair ribbon where the ink-ribbon should be. Regardless of which keys are pressed, the result will be a diary entry about a visit to a beach on a stormy day.
Tarnished silver thimble. Anyone who holds it will feel compelled to prick themselves with pins unless restrained.
A pair of rusted tailor's scissors. When used on leather, the cut edges bleed.
Smoked-glass perfume bottle with a black silk pump. When used, the air fills with the scent of roses in summer, and anything the spray touches begins to rapidly decay.
A silver locket. Inside is a picture of the face of a friend you remember only from a dream.
Crystal decanter with a lignite stopper. Being in its presence causes feelings of overwhelming, insatiable thirst.
Large Hessian flour bag, full. The manufacturer's details have faded, and in their place are two buttons sewn to resemble eyes, and a crudely-stitched smile. Anyone who sees it becomes immediately protective of it, and is unable to be consoled when they are separated.
A silver thimble inscribed with the shape of waves. The air smells of saltwater in its presence, and wearing it leaves you gasping for air
Painting of foggy moorland. When hung, the fog on the painting slowly thickens, while the owners’ eyes gloss over it
Large, leatherbound Bible. "Holy Bible" appears to have been tattooed, rather than embossed, on the cover. Inside, "Tamworth Family Bible, 1866" is handwritten. Any instances of "God", "The Lord", and similar have been replaced with "The Eyes". Job 42:9–17 is also missing.
A single ruby cufflink. If seen by any man over the age of 21, the individual will become convinced that he can find the matching piece, becoming utterly focused on his search. This often leads to damage to himself and the nearby surroundings, unless he is otherwise restrained.
Drop spindle made of charred and blackened wood. Any garments made with wool spun from it will burst into flames as soon as they are worn.
Two rusted and timeworn iron horseshoes, their unusual length and narrow width closer to a small human foot than a horse's hoof.
Silver tinderbox engraved with "For the light of my life" on the lid. Anyone holding it becomes driven to self-immolate. These urges last several hours after the object has been released.
Rusted music box. The ballerina on top is dancing in bright red shoes. Turning the handle makes her dance to the sound of screaming foxes.
Intricate clockwork mechanism of silver and blackened steel. Geared so that each wheel steps down by an order of magnitude. The primary wheel spins fast enough to blur, while the last is in encased in a solid block of crystal. No visible power source.
Cracked porcelain jug decorated with a fading image of a burning barn. Regardless of what's poured inside, smoke leaks through the cracks.
A snowglobe containing a cracked tower. If shaken, thunderstorms will rage for hours, even on the brightest of days.
Miner's lamp that holds a black flame. When lit, it reveals messages written over anything its light touches, all of them begging for help or rescue.
Box of lead toy soldiers. No matter how carefully they are handled the bayonettes will always draw blood.
Large piece of white seaglass. When held to the sun, shadowy figures can be seen. If viewed for more than a handful of seconds, the figures turn, as if the viewer has caught their attention.
Brass and silver orrery depicting the solar system. Perfectly accurate but for an unknown obsidian sphere in an orbit beyond Pluto
Silver bell that produces no sound. The morning after "ringing", wherever the bell was rung will be surrounded by dead crows.
Large, battered bread tin filled with crudely carved stone heads. When closed, gentle singing can be heard from inside the tin when a harvest is soon to fail.
Leather pin cushion that twitches on inserting a pin. Warm to the touch.
Wooden chess board with carvings of ivory around the edges. An inscription underneath reads "My Darling, you have the world on your side".
When placed on the ground, insects will slowly be drawn to the board, gathering and climbing over each other to form the shapes of the pieces
Plain nail file in a stained cloth bag. If a person attempts to use it, they will continue to file unless the item is wrestled away.
Padlocked mahogany chest, missing its key. The wood appears to be resilient to even the strongest of blows, and a faint sound of sobbing can be heard from within.
Silver scissors that can separate parts of a person's shadow from their body. Those affected will become convinced that the "removed" parts do not belong to them, and have been attached to their body as punishment for unspecified crimes. Inevitably, they attempt to correct this.
Wooden walking stick with a brightly polished handle. Will utterly sap the strength from anyone who touches it.
Decorated silk fan that, when opened, depicts a scene of a man gazing at beautiful woodland. Anything touched by the fan's breeze will immediately catch fire, and burn to ash.
Deathcap mushroom made from glass. If placed on a surface other than soil, will slowly extend a network of glass mycelium and attempt to produce more fruiting bodies. The mycelium will crumble at a touch, and is deadly if inhaled.
Crystal decanter half filled with thick, black smoke. Needs to be kept hidden, as anyone who lay eyes on it will be compelled to drink.
Ivory fountain pen with a silver nib. No visible method to refill. Writes with a rich, dark red ink that fades to brown over time.
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