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I have found a list of “22” things which I have found quite helpful over the years as a researcher, writer and designer.

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1. Digital notebooks like @Labstep and a physical notebook: To write your experiments, short and long-term goals, updates etc.

2. Portable reading tools like @AmazonKindle or iPad. It's easy to carry (anywhere), read, highlight, and jot down notes.
3. Bibliography manager: Not a secret anymore! You can use @zotero and @mendeley_com. Also, @ConnectedPapers to build a graph of similar papers.

4. @unpaywall to access the full text of scholarly articles.
5. Whiteboard by @Microsoft365. It's a digital canvas where you can brainstorm your ideas and share them with your team too.

6. @NotionHQ to organise your work. Make a reading list, to-do list, and personal goals all in one place.
7. Attend #workshops, seminars, and #training(s) which are outside of your PhD program like leadership programs, public programs etc.

8. Join a #journal or writing club where you can learn how to write an abstract for your research, #thesis writing, scholarly articles etc.
9. Join #zen workshops and #mindfulness programs for your mental health. You can listen to study music or calmly sounds when you're working.

10. @audible_com is great to listen to books. I am currently listening to Algorithms to live by.
11. @canva it's my favourite when it comes to designing right from presentations, posters etc.

12. Individual development plan (IDP) by @ScienceCareers. This will help you define and pursue your career goals.
13. @github for the ones who work with codes. I don't have to introduce it!

14. For taking the various courses you wish to specialise in @udemy @coursera and many more.
15. @LinkedIn for your online resume, job postings, and various opportunities

16. If you want to improve your resume writing skills then I am attaching a link to a PDF by #Harvard Extension School.

It's a great guide!
17. Join #student groups which will help you learn about work done by your peers and community.

18. #Google Calendar for the team and personal reminders, events etc.
19. @ResearchGate (social networking site for scientists and researchers) and @ORCID_Org (uniquely identify authors and contributors of scholarly communication).

20. @MicrosoftTeams @SlackHQ @discord platforms to work with your team and to connect to many other researchers.
21. @Grammarly your writing assistant and #Quetext (to check plagiarism)

22. If you're looking to create your website then @wordpressdotcom and @Wix.

Feel free to add to this list.
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