My friends in #AcademicMedicine. I am from Nepal. You must have heard and read regarding the state of affairs of COVID in India. Nepal is headed in the same direction. While India is a larger economy with more resources at its disposal Nepal is the exact opposite. #COVID #LMIC
Thinking of the possibilities in the coming weeks in Nepal wrenches my heart. There is already a short supply of Oxygen reserves, Steroids, Remdesivir, Anticoagulants, and basic resources. To date, only <5% of the country's population has been immunized. #COVIDNepal
I am sure the state is no different in other #LMICs. I would hereby urge for aid, urge for a global effort to pull countries like Nepal out of a disaster. A delay or a denial can be disastrous beyond imagination. We are already seeing the unfolding of events of #COVID19India.
Nepalgunj'ss story is just the tip of the iceberg, and it is needless to reiterate that there is a lot of fire under the coal. One of the critical challenges for countries like Nepal is the lack of resources. And it can certainly be addressed with global attention and aid.
Please kindly recognize this thread as a wake-up call to the #GlobalCommunity. Please help me to spread the awareness of a possible threat of a humanitarian crisis in countries with limited means. Fighting The Pandemic with Aid, Support, and Equity of Resources.
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