Let's be clear why Rt is declining like this. It wouldn't be happening without 31% of the eligible popn having a 1st dose. Vaccinations are the main driver. They were created by science, manufactured and shipped to Ontario's doorstep and redirected to PHUs. Ford just took credit.
The only thing he gets credit for is delaying months to take action, so ICUs and morgues could fill because he was impatient to get restaurants, stores and nail salons open before the vaccines could do their magic.
This is the magical power of vaccines. Get your shot asap.
I'll need to repeat myself that vaccines PLUS effective restrictions are the most powerful combo against variants. We are doing both and we need to continue doing both and not quit before we have this under control. Not some half-a$$ed reopening disaster again.
If the govt tries to reopen one thing right now, they will simply add fuel to spread, destroy the messaging, and prolong this wave. This has been their approach since September. Vaccines still have a long way to go.
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