LOVE being faculty at @MIT this semester for a class on #dataanalytics & #datascience. I tend to PM my mentees, especially women and #blackexcellence to start to prepare questions to ask. Too often people stay silent. Speak up. Never be embarrassed to show #curiosity.
Listening right now to mid-semester progress reports from teams and am feeling like such a proud #datascience #BigData #bigdataanalytics momma. Bear cubs doing good (well AND good in world)

LOVE that this is a space within @MIT that focuses on #SDoH and #equity.
Literally right now, hearing about a study on #socialmedia chatter as a driver of vaccines hesitancy driven by #Twitter - start postulate "cause/effect" by an incident that happens within days after a vaccine - like ppl automatically assume a death is "caused" by vaccine
Meanwhile #Twitter, at same time, ppl saying: perimenopausal menses changes "caused" by a single dose of the #vaccine. You can't make this stuff up. When you are a person who seeks out information in multiple spaces, you have these experiences that are almost comical... #COVID19 would be comical if spreading #vaccine #disinformation manufacturing fear via illogical "this must be a side effect"

is a matter of life/death both by actual spread of #COVID19 #pandemic + secondary impacts thru long COVID, economic impacts, #mentalhealth impacts etc etc
Grateful to my mother for encouraging me to go back to school to do @mit. I was feeling SO stuck. Repeatedly was able to rise into what should be positions of power then realizing those with power, privilege, resources seek to maintain that NOT change things to promote #equity
Yet, without naming things, how can we be accurate or how can we improve? It's easy to focus only on "patriarchy" but the issue is imbalance. You need men AND women and every gender in between. You need neurotypical and neurodivergent, you need abled and disabled.
Do I get "momma grizzly" on #quality? Totes. Spot on if you identify me as protecting #dataintegrity. I've seen #disinformation harm. It is those most marginalized & least empowered who get harmed.

Garbage in, garbage out is not advancing knowledge. Make the effort for quality.
#publichealth =answering to women like Dr. Birx, whom I've tweeted on at length
They model #leadership #womeninleadership with #Compliance
= only what men will allow them to say or do
= just a female face on patriarchy but maybe worse as it "reassures"
I invite you to reflect on who has the biggest issues with me tweeting "too much"
=keyboard warriors who do not appear to have either lived experience and/or professional commitment to advancing #equity, #QualityTime
=No #accountability on real outcomes (including life/death)
True, I could totally save myself the creeps, stalkers, harassers, mis-labeling snarkers

I could be "discrete", be known for sophisticated coiffure & Hermes scarves. It's what women do who serve, not disrupt, patriarchy

Patriarchy, btw, harms MEN as much as women

I disrupt
Women who "know no bounds" are often labeled in a variety of terms that imply they are anti-social, deranged, dangerous, etc, etc. This goes back to the theme in this thread of shaming to control to serve patriarchy and pit the "good" woman vs the "bad"
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