You've been teaching online for a while but you're still worried you can't be *present* in the course with the same intensity as face-to-face? I've got you covered! Here are some tips on *teacher presence* in the online space. 1/
First of all, establish your presence. The easiest way is with short videos (intro to course/ to each week/ feedback...). They don't need to look super professional, being authentic is more important. Tell a story and take students on a journey through your course. 2/
Communication plays a crucial role in teaching online. You are present through your announcements, the guidance you provide (sometimes openly, other times discreetly)-always a reliable presence. Design a communication strategy & stick to it to manage students' expectations. 3/
Thoughtful time & workload management. This one is not that obvious. By estimating time on task for students when designing the course, you set the rhythm of the learning process and you show students you care. Some ideas on this here: 4/
Being present also means playing a role in each activity you design. Even if you are a fan of active learning, clear instructions are importat & timely feedback hugely enhances the learning process. Ask yourself where in the course you can bring most added value, and be there! 5/
Make things accessible. Keep your students in mind at all times: open various channels for interaction, make materials available in different formats. Your students will surely feel your touch and thank you for it! 6/
Most importantly: listen. Be open to different scenarios. Try to understand and be flexible. Every student is different and every situation needs an adequate response. Ask for feedback often, and act on it. When it comes to flexibility, technology can actually be your friend. 7/
Being present online is *not* equivalent to unlimited availability. It also does *not* all have to be (all) synchronous. It's the small touches that count most. Find an approach that suits you and make sure to bring students along, as co-creators of their learning space. 8/
Yes, it sounds time-consuming. And first time you do it it probably is. But it is worth the effort. What you are working on is becoming a thoughtful, caring educator, ready to be there for your students regardless of the space, online & offline. end/
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