1. Trump will never acknowledge he lost because he never admits failure
2. He will always insist the election was “rigged”, and there are no straws too remote for him to grasp at
3. Trump is the most objectively sore loser who ever lived and has never graciously conceded anything
4. “He’ll fight to make sure the results are fair” is the loophole which implicitly gives Trump the right of refusal on the grounds of “fairness”
5. There is no algorithm where Trump loses the election that he will judge to be “fair”, because he believes he is entitled to victory
6. One reason 75 million Americans voted against Trump is that we’re all sick and tired of loyal Republicans gaslighting us into believing that up is down, day is night, & that Donald Trump is remotely capable of being an arbiter of “fairness” on any subject that involves himself
7. Put another way, what media scolds perceive as liberal “condescension” of Trump supporters is more accurately summarized by the fact that WE ARE SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF BEING LIED TO, EVERY DAY FOR FOUR GODDAMNED YEARS, AND ARE READY FOR A NON-LYING PRESIDENT TO TAKE OVER
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