Here's a list of Philly precincts that don't appear to be anywhere near the 62% turnout in the rest of the city.

Division/ballots counted as share of RVs

04-14: 18%
07-17: 15%
25-15: 24%
37-17: 13%
37-18: 20%
51-26: 22%
52-21: 23%

All these are hugely Dem divisions.
This doesn't even include the six student-heavy precincts in University City currently at 11%-25% ballots counted as a share of RVs (we'd expect turnout there to be very low, but that low?)

Meanwhile, all the Trump-heavy areas of Philly (NE, South) look about fully reported.
The point here is that it would make sense if the outstanding mail ballots in Philly are disproportionately from these "outlier" precincts - and if those ballots end up breaking by an even larger margin for Biden than those that have already been counted.
Hi @DeeleyforPhilly - care to shed light on the status of these apparently under-reporting divisions?
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