Yeah, this is a poor take. Biden is not about to run 10 points behind Clinton in Philly proper. Almost all PA district-level polls (w/ much larger samples) show Trump badly underperforming his '16 margins all over the state.
If you think Biden is about to win Philly by only 73%-24% after Clinton won it 82%-15% in 2016, I've got a Ben Franklin bridge to sell you.

We've seen high-quality polls show Trump running well behind his '16 margins in Bucks, NEPA, Lehigh Valley, Allegheny, Harrisburg, etc.
The article raises specter that "surveys can’t account for possibilities like voter suppression" while making next to no effort to examine those concerns. Also, comparing '20 polls to '16 exit polls?

Sometimes NYT writers would be well-served by checking in w/ @UpshotNYT first.
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