Buildings are "presence machines"- they have been designed to bring people together. Online environments have not (yet) been crafted as such, so we need to actively work on that. But are we taking the right approach? asks @daveowhite #oeb20
We want to recreate the buildings & mirror our classroom practices in the online environment. But does this make sense from a teaching & learning perspective? Or is it more about control & surveillance? Challenging thoughts from @daveowhite #oeb20
"The camera question": we are mentally progammed to understand presence as *seeing* someone. We need to think about presence in terms if engagement. Cameras are in the students' private space. Students should always have the right to NOT put their camerea on. @daveowhite #oeb20
When teaching online we always need to be *explicit* about why we ask students to do a certain thing in connection with what it means for their learning. I could not agree more with @daveowhite, this is something that is often overlooked or taken for granted. #oeb20
Good advice from @daveowhite: when you design for online learning ask yourself: "could this have been a youtube video?". If yes, ask yourself "why would students need to attend live?" #oeb20
There are different forms of presence, again something we tend to forget. @daveowhite #oeb20
Why do we need presence in teaching & learning? It sounds obvious but it's a great question to ask. It's important for students to see each other's work, to collaborate on projects (sync & async). "Digital mess" can be a great- nice example from @daveowhite #oeb20
Structure & sequence, alternating between different modes and platforms is very important when designing online learning. Don't (over)think each event individually, otherwise you miss important patterns. @daveowhite #oeb20 This resonates well w/ the storyboarding approach I use.
The mode of delivery is not as important as the way you choose to engage with your students. This is more important online than when we are in a building together. @daveowhite #oeb20
Great conclusion from @daveowhite: we need to *extend* out notion of presence, beyond the traditional building metaphor. #oeb20
Technology has created an environment that we can't keep up with. We now discover we're NOT good at managing our time. It's an art that needs to be learned & taught, the digital environment does not provide us with breaks & structures. @daveowhite #oeb20
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