Here's a quick "Learning Design Essentials" guide. It builds on threads I've written in the past months and because content on twitter can be so elusive, I thought it's worth trying to capture it in one place. Thanks to all of you who contributed & will contribute :)
1. This is about designing *asynchronous* online learning by using a storyboarding approach. Think about the narrative of your course and find ways to express it through a sequence of engaging learning activities.
2. Here are some thoughts about planning *synchronous* sessions. It's all about scaffolding students' learning by using the benefit of immediacy and creating community learning spaces.
3. This is a short thread meant to prompt us to think about learning in a holistic manner, beyond the (false) synchronous/ asynchronous dichotomy. Learning also happens when we're not around.
4. Talking about designing *for* learning cannot be complete without addressing *communication*. Online, this needs to be clear and explicit in order to provide structure and manage students' expectations.
5. To end with, this as an entirely crowdsourced thread with activity ideas for *experiential learning* in online courses, from biology to art, from primary school to Higher Education. Online learning also happens beyond the screen.
6. Puzzled about estimating the time different online learning activities take? Here are some tips and resources that I also curated in a blog post:
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