1. A 5 million dollar question is why is Ali Zaidi the Ports minister tweeting about LNG terminals which are the responsibility of the Petroleum ministry. Of course in character for PTI Ministers, his tweets are full of innuendoes & falsehoods.
Why this personal attack on me? https://twitter.com/AliHZaidiPTI/status/1311253642184454147
2. Because I recently said that the Ports Ministry is delaying grant of permission to companies at Port Qasim to set up LNG terminals by demanding both legal and illegal ‘compensation’. This is now common knowledge and a source of frustration for the Petroleum Ministry officials
3. and potential investors. In 2 years PTI has not been able to set up a single new LNG terminal and Pakistan is experiencing gas shortages that will only get worse.
Now to his accusations. He says the LNG terminals that the PMLN set up are some of the most expensive in the
4. world and not the cheapest as I claim. And he shows two documents in his support which I have also attached with markings. In the (4 year old) Wood McKenzie magazine picture he claims that the Engro LNG terminal charges at 66 cents were among the highest in the world. False.
5. The truth is that even in the first year of operations when we operated at reduced capacity as per the contract and market conditions, the Engro LNG terminal was one of the cheapest in the world in a like-for-like comparison. From the second year of operations when we
6. went to 6 LNG cargoes per month we become the cheapest LNG terminal in the world and remain the cheapest today.

His second picture shows terminal charges of $2.29 for the PGPL terminal; if he just looks at the top of the same table he would see this was because in March 20,
7. the PTI government brought only one cargo from this terminal. Is he not aware that this was only due to PTI Govt’s failure to bring in more LNG cargoes, thus causing huge gas shortages in Pakistan. The question is that why did the PTI Govt fail to procure LNG cargoes
8. causing a loss of tens of billions of rupees.
The charges for the Engro terminal in the same period were 41 cents where 6 LNG cargoes per month were regasified. Again this is the cheapest LNG regasification rate in the world.
9. Ali shows the OGRA worksheet from March 2020; I am also attaching the OGRA worksheet from June 2020 where 6 LNG cargoes were regasified at both LNG terminals and the regasification rates were 39 cents and 40 cents. This clearly proves Ali’s falsehoods.
10. Ali’s incompetence and/or ill-intentions are clear when he asks why did we agree to a minimum capacity charge; an absurd statement from a Minister who has been claiming for 2 years that he is putting up 3 more LNG Terminals! Every tolling project around the world including
11. all IPPs in Pakistan are based on a minimum capacity charge. Why would anyone invest in a dedicated facility with no alternate use unless they have a guarantee for minimum usage? (Pls are Wood McKenzie pic again now knowing from OGRA that Pak terminals costs only 40 cents).
12. Then Ali gets more personal and says I gave an illegal order to one Mr Azam Soofi, MD PLTL, to cover up losses at PLTL and that’s why he resigned.
One, there was no loss at PLTL till PMLN was in charge. Two, Mr Soofi as MD PLTL did not report to me.
13. Now look at the attached picture. PQA under PMLN gave permission for 2 LNG terminals without hiring a consultant but PQA under PTI advertised to hire one “individual consultant”.
And guess what? The same Mr Soofi was finalised but fortunately never hired at a monthly pay of
14. $20,000 plus car/fuel & furnished apartment plus an annual bonus of $80,000. And if his services were terminated during the contract period, he would be given a severance package of $240,000.
All this to a consultant because PQA has to just give space for an LNG terminal?
15. Then he makes an accusation about some “damaad” meeting Petroleum Ministry officials on behalf of PGPL for some charges. I can only laugh at his absurdity and will let PGPL answer this falsehood it they wish to. CC: Atif, Mehmood Moulvi.
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