Discourse of educational analytics conveys a false sense of precision and objectivity and this can take away teacher choice around using the tech @j_k_knox #wearethecampus
Do we cede authority to the automatic, algorithmic decision-making of the system. Does trust in the authority of the teacher stand up to the automated authority of the algorithmic system? @j_k_knox #wearethecampus
Are the subtle activities outside of the classroom marginalised by these systems? What happens to the informal, to the nuance?
@j_k_knox #wearethecampus
Is the "personalised learning" of algorithms the desirable agency we've pursued in education, or something else (does forcing an Other's form of personalisation on another empowering or oppressive?)
@j_k_knox #wearethecampus
Academic autonomy and flexibility is being undermined by tech instrumentalism which is informed by business and economic concerns.
@eksploratore #wearethecampus
"Tech as tool" rhetoric obscures the ways digital is entangled in sociomateriality. This goes against important considerations of dialogic learning, and consideration of inclusivity and diversity.
@eksploratore #wearethecampus
Need to rethink assumptions that tech can be harnessed unproblematically by teachers or students. Tech is entangled in other factors and learning is emergent (meaning it can't be controlled or solved in advance?).
@eksploratore #wearethecampus
Manifesto is not a set of wild promises but a chance to reflect on what progress might mean, a statement of values & intent. Tech has politics, it's value laden and full of intent. Online teaching is something we have to think really carefully about.
@Neil_Selwyn #wearethecampus
You shouldn't do anything just cos that's what the computer or algorithm says, or complain that students aren't engaged in your discussion board. Online teaching requires prof judgement, pedagogic practices based on those judgements and values. @Neil_Selwyn #wearethecampus
Is there a movement here towards more responsible, relational form of digital education? @Neil_Selwyn asks the Edinburgh team, are you on the side of the University, but with a philosophy of critical pedagogy through tinkering and incremental changes? #wearethecampus
"Critical pedagogues" or "group of tinkerers"?

But maybe we should drop "the digital". Is there such a distinct thing as digital education? We don't have to prefix education with "digital" @eksploratore #wearethecampus

I agree :-)
We need to push back against "learnification" (Biesta) in order to be sensitive to issues of power and the role of the teacher.
@jar #wearethecampus
"We are those who have power". Surveillance etc are not just things that are done to us as teachers. We need to talk about flows of power and how they impact what actually happens in the digitally-infused classroom.
@jar #wearethecampus
Data skills as instrumental literacy needs a "minor literacy" around critical thinking to go along with it.

At the same time, can we can get away from a system encourages light touch, efficient, instrumental, datafied ways of knowing our students? @j_k_knox #wearethecampus
Need critical view of limitations of data science to solve social problems. @j_k_knox

More agency for resisting top-down directives than rhetoric suggests. Important to use spaces of agency to push back against homogenising processes. @eksploratore @jar

"let's work on messing things up in useful ways" :-) @jar #wearethecampus
What are opportunities and challenges of sustained engagement in digital education? But let's hold onto and unpick distinction between good practice and the art of the possible over the coming months. @eksploratore #wearethecampus
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