It still strikes me how self-centred we are when we talk about online teaching: complaining about complex tools, or lack of tools to support our unique teaching. Here is the thing: none of this will succeed unless we shift the focus to student learning. 1/
It's *not* all about us. It has never been and it's even less now. How many times in the past weeks have you stopped and thought: do my students know how to learn online? Where would they be having difficulties? This is crucial for 1st year students but applies to all, really. 2/
Being an effective online learner requires a set of skills we simply cannot expect all our students to have right now: discipline, ownership of their learning, mindfulness about time on task... We can and should try to build these skills & routines *together* now. 3/
One of the best ways to put ourselves in our students' shoes is to take an online course ourselves. For me it's been a really eye-opening experience, even after more than 10 years of teaching online. Here are some of my thoughts: end/
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