I have issue with #Disclosure, all of this, it not being addressed, and people making money off of it because I think it is creating more fear, danger, about very normal #spiritualexperiences, that are part of too, #NativeAmerican
ancestry, mythology, and essentially all of this feels like it is stealing from them, and too, whatever is occurring, there are many talented #healers, #creators, #spiritual people, #channelers doing incredible #healing work, #inspiring others,
and well, I guess we see this in every field, degrees of #integrity, #consciousness, but: people do take violent actions against people who are different, doing something
different, and recently, someone took issue with my sharing about my experiences, and all this became very scary, very real.
Part of the reason/the reason I started sharing online, when I am still #healing from a #chronicillness #chronicfatiguesyndrome was to feel safe, show who I am, and that truly, well, so many people are having new #spiritual #spiritualexperiences
and there is nothing really, “weird,” or wrong with them, and/too more and more people having #psychic experiences, trusting their #intuition, instincts, tapping into their own #innerpower, for #healing purposes, to create the lives of their dreams, and even to feel safe with
so much going on in our world and coming to our attention perhaps, at present.

Much of what I have learned and help others with is, “ #traumahealing,” though I am very careful to note that I am absolutely not a licensed medical professional, because that matters, too,
And so they are able to be more #conscious, mindful, shift out of old trauma patterns that feel like them/their energy, but are not them, (my own work/healing, too) into greater #alignment with who they truly are and what they want to create in the world. #selfexpression
It’s beautiful life and #soul-affirming work when done right, and I am #grateful to my teachers, other healers, and when I was in school for #socialwork, think of going back, honestly,
it was really cool to see @USC_SWOnline that professors were integrating #mindbody work, that #mindbodyconnection #mindfulness into the curriculum, and too, recognizing #psychic and #intuitive experiences, discussing those as well, with #traumahealing.
This is all becoming more integrated into our society, life, lifestyle, and/though too, perhaps then so are #ConspiracyTheories.
I wonder when I share this type of information, “what people think,” and too, http://vashta.com , her work, as well, a recent experience and quite a lot in the news, what is expressed to a degree by this administration (not the best thumbnail for her art/what I am saying)
And, check the link.

See the nuances.

Learn to differentiate information.

This is very useful, at present.

Why I do speak up, share, and reflect on things.

There can be a lot wade through with certain experiences.
(See also: why those of us who have waded through them share.

We try to help others navigate/hope the information is useful, as we perhaps did not have it/could not find it.)
And well, you learn to be able to talk about diverse experiences, you can also better speak up/speak to experiences that need to be talk about/what I shared before this thread, and too, pinned post.
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