Let's be clear on one thing: teaching online for the first time, as many of us do now (not counting the spring emergency remote teaching) will *not* be perfect. With all the support & the good will in the world, we'd be naive to expect perfection. So here is what I suggest: 1/
Let's learn to be ok with "work in progres". Let's not feel embarassed if things go wrong (as some of them undoubtedly will). We need to be mindful of and reflect on our practice - more than usual - and aim to improve as we go. 2/
Let's be honest. With our students and with ourselves, equally. It is a new experience & we are all responsible for creating the best learning environment we can, under these circumstances. Let students be co-creators, ask for input and feedback and don't be afraid to hear it. 3/
Let's just focus on the things we can control and the things that matter: being there for our students, trying to create a learning space where students *want* to be, thinking less about delivering content & more about facilitating learning. 4/
If there is one thing we take away from this experience is to re-focus on our students, not on content and not on tools. It's a valuable piece of learning that will serve us well regardless of the environemnt we teach in. end/
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