"Elon Musk's Neuralink won't work!"

Lots of headlines bashing Neuralink since their demo.

The thing they all miss is the same thing missed at the beginning of SpaceX and Tesla

How @elonmusk builds his businesses

First, take Chomsky's article:

1. We know when people want to move limbs
2. They can almost for sure fix paralysis
3. We can’t know thoughts. Science isn't there yet.
4. So they will fail at pairing the human brain with AI https://www.inverse.com/article/32395-elon-musk-neuralink-noam-chomsky
Second, refresh on Elon's business model:

1. Pick a giant problem he can’t solve on his own
2. Build a high profit innovative product
3. Use profit to build a revolutionary product
4. Causes entire industry to rewire itself
5. THAT causes the goal to be accomplished
Third, here is how that applies to Neuralink

1. Problem: AI is an existential threat to humanity and we must become one with it to prevent it from taking over

2. Innovative Product: Neuralink 1.0 that cures blindness, neurological disorders and paralysis (amongst other things)
v1.0 is built off of known science and applies new tech to solve problems that haven’t been solved.

But does not require ground breaking discoveries.

This will generate a $50-100b company and massive profits to build the revolutionary product, v2.0.
3. Revolutionary Product: Neuralink 2.0.

Upgrades every humans experience by pairing us with AI. Benefits are a hard to conceive of at this stage. And the science to make this happen will have to be invented.

All profits from v1.0 will be put into inventing the science.
4. Goal: If/when Neuralink 2.0 comes to market the human experience will be forever altered.

And the AI threat will mostly be eliminated b/c we’ll have harnessed all the power and speed of AI and still retain all the free will and creative thinking of being human.

Traditional thinking: "The science doesn’t exist, so we can’t do it."

Musk thinking: "The science doesn’t exist. So lets create a high profit product that can fund the development of the science so our ultimate vision can exist."
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