With so many things out of our control these days, one thing we *can* do is show our students we care. This doesn't mean lowering our standards, on the contrary, it makes us better teachers. Here are some ideas on how to start. 1/
Let's offer structure and support. If it's not your style to be very personal in your teaching (it certainly isn't mine), one great way to show you care is by providing a well-structured learning path, with embedded scaffolding & support points. 2/
Let's be clear. Use clear language throughout the course, starting with the syllabus. Describe each activity so that students don't have to guess what you mean. Make your expectations regarding their engagement explicit. Make assessment criteria transparent. 3/
Let's be flexible. Even with everyone's best intentions, sometimes *life* just gets in the way. If anything, the past months have made it clearer. Respect for deadlines is important, but judging each situation on its on merits can yield better results in the long run. 4/
Let's be human. So you don't have the picture-perfect office as your background? Your video is not perfect? Don't waste hours re-recording it. Be yourself, this is what students will appreciate more. Some days are "camera off" and both you & your students should be ok with it. 5/
Let's trust our students. Instead of complaining that they don't engage, why don't we challenge them (& ourselves) with more interesting tasks? Instead of worrying they are cheating, why don't we try to design unGoogleable assignments? 6/
Let's be prepared to learn *with* our students. Acknowledge learning is always a two-way process. Be open to saying you don't know but you will look for an answer. Let's use the online environment to connect rather than isolate. Let's show we care. end/
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