If you’re ever wondering why those in the #neisvoid tell you to ALWAYS make doctors do tests on you even if they “think” you don’t need them. I’ve been having SEVERE allergy reactions for a long time now. The allergist told me he didn’t think I had any environmental allergies.
Well, I took the blood test. Im SEVERELY allergic to 7/10 of allergies on the list. Including dog dandruff which my dog deals with. Whom is with me 24/7. ALL types of grass that grows here/ trees that grow here everywhere, sap and pollen year round by the most common weed..
I’ve been tested for literally everything for a year allergic reaction symptoms. Finally I demanded this test. I’m also allergic to neosporin and antibiotics. BIG issue. Yet the doctor wanted to ignore it.
Don’t. Take. Their. Word. For. It. Get the test if you think you need it. Trust your body and trust your instincts. They refuse tests constantly. Just get it done if you can. #DisabilityRights #ChronicIllness #Allergies #ChronicallyIll Sometimes the patient knows better.
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