i know the natural 20 and the critical fail are much beloved traditional house rules of D&D (driven by a primal human desire to gamble)

but I hate them and I don't use them outside of combat

if you yell NATURAL 20 at me I will just stare blankly and ask for the modified roll
all "critical fail tables" and "auto-success on 20s" really serve is blowing a hole through verisimilitude and causing me a headache

if you want a believable story from me then I can't have the fighter dropping his own sword every 3rd round
for me its a case of

did u meet the target number

if the target number is 25 and you roll a 20 but you still only have a 23 after you've added all your bonuses then its still a fail yo

close but no cigar etc
this is because I am a massive killjoy but i like to think I am a

c o n s i s t e n t

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