Really struggling with my self worth. I feel like I do nothing. Every day is a struggle. It just feels like nonstop suffering. The worst part is, no one knows me. If I were to die today, the only person that would grieve is my husband. No one would even know I existed.
I keep my name off my account because I'm afraid if anyone know who I really am they'll never speak to me again.. If I stay this mysterious person I at least can talk to people. Its so lonely. I feel like I have to hide my disabilities to the world.
The one time I really reached out for help while I was homeless, I was berated for being a failure and a begger. Not only would no community help me, but they put me down. They made fun of my wheelchair, told me to kill myself and told me that if I couldn't work I should die.
I still need help, I'll never be able to afford the medical care I need and I'm slowly dying in my house and I don't know what to do. I'm so afraid I'm gonna die here and that's it, no one knows no one cares. I've got no friends or acquaintances and I just feel like nothing.
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