1/1 Our little school is a community interest company. We are supported by @sported_UK @Sport_England @ActiveSurrey which means we can provide dance classes and more to everyone, not just to those who can afford it. We are SEN, ASD, LGBTQ+ friendly. Everyone is welcome...
2/1 We are in Epsom. Our goal is to have our own building where people can come, have a tea, a chat and dance, do yoga, sing etc!!! A place to come that is good for your mental and physical health!!!!

Each week during lockdown we've made videos for the kids...this is our last...
3/1 ...as hopefully we'll be back at Rainbow in Epsom @Better_UK in September!!!
Our 16th & final video for our Zoom classes we used one of my fave songs growing up.
We hope @TheBobbyBall and @TheTommyCannon don't mind us using their song! x x
4/1 You can see all of the others on YouTube. Look for The Jam Place CIC.

You can also find us at http://www.thejamplace.com 

We are small school who want to make a huge difference!!
We are a Jamily!!! (A Jam family!!!) But we don't make Jam. x
5/1 We know times are hard but we are going to do all we can to get our building so that both adults and children have a place to come to feel safe, happy, motivated, mindful and relaxed.

Who knows if anyone has seen this...but i wanted to put it out there!!!
Be safe all x
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