If someone feels lack in their own life, then someone else's success may be felt as if it's something taken away or now unavailable to them. That the 'pie' is small & not enough for everyone to have a slice or as much as they wanted. This can leave them feeling envious.
The response can be to feel envious of THEIR perception of the other person's success or what they think they have. Envious attacks towards others can be subtle, in the form of questioning their choices or what they are doing. This is to destroy, attack or diminish their efforts.
If that is destroyed then the other doesnt 'have' that success. In the same way as saying 'if I can't have it neither can they'. An envious attack happens as a reaction & we can be on the receiving end of one in a split second & feel attacked, thinking we've done something wrong.
If you feel 'attacked' or you're being questioned, pause and think 'is this coming from someone's envy? and so is this an envious attack on me or my work or my success?'
If we don't stop to think how is this a reflection of other person who is doing the attacking, we can take in these envious 'darts' as part of us & internalise them as a reflection of our own lack. #envy #enviousattacks #projections #microaggressions
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