THREAD: Truly regenerative agriculture needs to consider aspects beyond just soil. It should include what regenerates biodiversity, increases carbon sequestration, frees up land for rewilding, regenerates our health, and lowers risk of zoonoses. (1/11).
The marginal land myth that grazing cattle/cows is the best agricultural use of grasslands is also a lazy reductionist view.

Even poor quality soils can support hardy plants like hemp, leafy greens, fruit trees, buckwheat, rye, barley, quinoa, etc. (3/11)
Allan Savory's one of many unscientific claims is that land over-rested deteriorates & livestock are needed.

But there's many cases of unspoiled ecosystems existing in the complete absence of livestock or even wild grazers. (4/11)
Regenerative grazing proponent Gabe Brown has many areas without livestock, and even admitted on this podcast they're not needed for good soil health.

The reason it's so highly promoted is the artificial profit through subsidies & externalities. (5/11)
Yes, silvopastures beat typical pastures. Planting trees has wide-ranging benefits.

Yes, soil improves with cover crops & careful stomping vs. tilling.

I'm all about progress, not perfection, but grazing is greenwashing vs. plant-based systems. (6/11).
Also see the increasing number of biocyclic certified farms in Europe, that consider all UN Sustainable Development Goals: 

Their biocyclic soil protects from erosion and dehydration, and *significantly* binds CO2 creating permanent humus. (9/11)
Unlike regenerative grazing, this can scale. While humus soil has a lengthy maturation period before it attains peak fertility, compost facilities can help while also having a side benefit of reducing the ~30% of all food that is wasted. (10/11) 
Farmers want to be stewards of their land and be compensated fairly for doing so. So a shift is needed from all angles.

Two pieces I've written on the topic, and am always adding new resources on  (11/11)
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