Top Personal Finance Tips From The Experts

"Be like Buffett and keep 1 address. Avoid the hefty costs of moving"
"The most important financial decision you'll ever make is to keep your lifestyle expenses low"
"Before you develop spending habits build investing ones"
"If you desperately want the new car smell, you can buy it in a spray can"
"If you like money, respect it by at least knowing what you do with it!"
"Buy a cheap, reliable two year old car and drive it until it's no longer cheap and reliable. Repeat."
"Identify whether something is an asset and make sure you own lots of assets"
Those that understand compound interest will earn it and those that don't understand compound interest will pay it. Therefore always try to ensure that you are debt free.
"The best investment you can make is in paying down debt"
"The most important thing for me is to develop a deep understanding as to what money represents in your life"
"Commit to the hardest thing known to mankind - patience"
"I would probably default to one of Bogle's lessons. Be an Investor not a speculator"
"Whatever you do, never cash out your pension when you change jobs."
"When you have the right plan covering every area of your financial life, you can balance what you need and want today with the personal goals you have for the future."
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