Imagine just now starting your #keto journey, you're trying to navigate the internet and get information, not only do you see a hundred different versions from a hundred different people but the amount of contradictory information is overwhelming & confusing 1/9
Imagine while searching you come across article after article about how keto will kill you, is unsustainable and will destroy your organs and how a eat less move more or vegan option is better in every possible way & you save the planet at the same time 🙄 2/9
Imagine, now your apps know you've searching keto and everytime you do a google search or open social media your feeds and searches are filled with keto convenience products like 🍞🥞🍪🍩🍫 that cost 10x more then the carby versions 3/9
Imagine seeing all these keto replacement food ads that claim they're keto "friendly" have perfect macros & are so low in "net carbs" that you can enjoy a keto version of every food that got you in trouble like 🍕🍰🍬🍦 4/9
Imagine deciding to take the plunge and decode to try keto, you join a FB group or follow one of the links that popped up on your searches or social media sites, you order 100s of dollars of products and supplements and begin 5/9
Imagine not having a structured plan, support or good information and you just start following the group or sites instructions, you have done everything they say, you have consumed your keto "friendly" products & supplements but after 2 weeks no weight loss 6/9
Imagine spending all this time & money and get no results after doing everything you feel is right. 99% of the time this disappointing weigh in leads to going into a fuck it attitude and going off the rails and telling everyone that will listen...that keto sucks 7/9
This is reality, this is what's happening to the majority of people starting keto #lowcarb for the first time. The bad information & predatory marketing is the first things they see, good solid information is buried, they only see it by accident if they're lucky 8/9
We need to do our best to reach people, we are being drowned out by keto in disguise opportunist looking for a quick buck. There is nothing more frustrating then having someone fail and give up on this WOL that could save their lives because of these shillers. 9/9 END.
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