Make sure your RA is not being invested at a LOS
(LOS = Liberty, Old Mutual, or Sanlam)
The reason? Fees.

The big insurers are notorious for being a rip off. If you find yourself with an RA at one of these, next step would be to ask for your EAC (Effective Annual Cost). Check this figure keeping in mind there are RA options for around 1% (and even less)
It is possible to transfer an RA to a cheaper provider (with no tax implications). You may find your current RA provider will want to charge you an exit penalty. If your time frame is long enough it is usually possible to easily recoup this penalty through the lower fees.
If you want to see if the fee saving will be worth the exit penalty, check out this cool calculator by @TravelBugBitten

Plug in your numbers and see what comes out the other side
One last thought...

An RA is an investment product, and someone once told me - never buy an investment product from an insurance provider
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