⚙️This goes for all #indiedevs. Because sometimes #indie #videogames are even much more worthy than triple A.

What does really mean to be #indiegames?

Is indie just another marketing term?

I open thread

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I think the first thing is to make clear that the canonical meaning of #indiegames is related to the source of funding for the #videogame.

👀Yeah we all know but...
If an idea that is born as part of the indie #videogames could obtain financing from external sources.💲💲💲

Would you say this makes it less indie?
We have to admit that the #indieindustry is painfully characterized by having a huge number of video games that have seen the light driven just thanks to the love of their #creators for the industry. 💸❤️
But if they had the opportunity to have the financiation to promote their video games ... How many would reject it?

👉Should they let their #videogame fall into oblivion even having the opportunity to stand out and #succeed?

And the most important thing. 🤔

Would this make that video game less indie?
What makes an indie indie is its #essence.

What makes indie and indie is being born from #creativity
What makes an indie indie is to deal with themes, #mechanics and #concepts that large companies, whose projects are normally based on selling 💰💰💰 the same formula over and over again, wouldn't dare with.
If you wonder why, I have an answer for you.

The truth is that the costs of large companies are immeasurable.

Undertaking a small project to experiment can result in the loss of millions.
Because they are not based on creating #culture and generating #ideas.

They are based on making money.

#Capitalism works like this.🧐
#Innovation comes from the indie collective because it really has "nothing" to lose, or at least not as much as the video game giants.
Without #videogamestudies and #devs, the video game industry wouldn't have reached the development and status that it has today.
So if you are an #indiedeveloper, experienced or not, be proud of your work and create your projects with the same passion as @grumpygamer, who has inspired me to share this thread.

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