Cast Iron Class. 1st off, I'm working with a modern Lodge and I hate the modern casting process they use, the little sharp pits catch and paper towel & cloth and makes simple wipe out impossible...lets change that 1/
Grab you some fine grit sandpaper and get to work, if you can't muster the elbow grease then use a small orbital sander to knock of the shitty factory casting until smooth, should look silver when done. 2/
Now heat the oven to 400° and give it the only bath it should ever need and then toss in the oven for about 20 min. 3/
Now use some bacon fat or other high smoke point grease and apply a light even coating, toss back in the oven upside down for 30 mins, remove and apply thin even layer of grease again. (Remember to use caution and use a handle glove or oven mits when removing). 4/
Keep removing every 30 min applying another thin layer of grease, It will start turning a goldish color 1st and slowly get darker each application. 5/
Eventually you will end up with a much better product then you came home with, I gave this modern Lodge a vintage smooth finish. I'm not quite done with this one yet but it's close enough to the end to show. End.
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