" #Clinton to #McKibben to #Steyer to #Podesta"

"To understand the “damage” Bill McKibben claims the #PlanetoftheHumans documentary has done to the climate justice movement you have to look at where 350 dot org began."

"Departure points are vital if we’re to make the most of what #PlanetoftheHumans has highlighted as key issues. If the climate justice movement has failed and the #environmental movement has been captured by #billionaires, what else have they messed up?"

"Data for Progress, #GreenNewDeal Research Director & World Resources Institute US, Manager for Climate Action and Data, Greg Carlock referred to a WRI working paper on direct air capture in a recent blog post for #WRI."

This is exactly what @empathiser recognizes as the major obstacle to all grassroots struggles & resistance - that of networked hegemony. This is where the legitimate left in the West has failed both tragically & miserably.

Jeff Gibbs updates/responses:

Networked hegemony cont'd - co-signers of the Fox demand letter:

Michael Mann, climatologist & geophysicist: Mann serves on the advisory board of The Climate Mobilization ("nothing less than a government-coordinated social and industrial revolution")

Naomi Klein, imperialist, http://350.org  board of directors, The Leap.

I will keep this one brief.

#Together for #TheFutureTheyChoose - Klein & World Economic Forum founder & CEO Klaus Schwab.

Laura Dawn, former Cultural Director for MoveOn - founding NGO of #Avaaz.

2016: Dawn created/served as Exec. Dir. for Humanity for Hillary [Clinton - "We came, we saw, he died."]

Dawn serves on Advis. Board for The Climate Mobilization (at helm of 2018 #XR rollout/partner).
Tom Dinwoodie - Rocky Mountain Institute, Sun Power.

In 2014, Richard Branson's Carbon War Room merged w/ the Rocky Mountain Ins.:


SunPower Corp. Systems - formerly PowerLight Corp.
Co-signer Dinwoodie serves as #SierraClub's Climate Cabinet & Scientific Advis. Panel, MIT Mechanical Engineering Visiting Committee, Advisory Board to The Solutions Project, Advisor to the MIT Energy Club (MIT is a WEF co-curator), exec. producer of film "Time To Choose".
Frances Fisher - Actress/ Activist.

"EMA's Social Campaigns Reach Millions Organically" 💲💲💲

Entertainment as "activism".

" #Activism" as commodity.

#Celebrity fetish as pathology.

Circling back to beginning - I neglected to add in that Fox, with co-signer prof. Mark Jacobson (Stanford), actor Mark Ruffalo, & Marco Krapels (Elon Musk’s SolarCity), founded The Solutions Project ( #Solar & #Wind) in 2011.

The Solutions Project investors include the Leonardo #DiCaprio Foundation, the #ElonMusk Found., the 11th Hour Project, #Skoll Global Threats Fund, & the Wallace Global Fund. Board directors include Billy Parish (Mosaic Solar) & Van Jones (2016).

#GlobalGreenNewDeal #4IR #GND
The New Republic: The Important Debate Planet of the Humans Misses - By Kate Aronoff

[Caption under featured photo: "These turbines, featured in the film, have since been removed." - So what, who cares, & good riddance.]

#4IR #GND #2020Reboot

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