Listen up! Here’s the SitRep. You all ‘know’ the staleness and weakness in the same old joke and punchline. Why are we so triggered collectively and responding to the same old thing? Is it the sound of a whip cracking and backs being split open under the hot sun? Both ‘white’ &
...’black’ & ‘red’ & ‘yellow’ & ‘brown’ backs have been split open on American soil and around the world. THIS is about CLASS folks. WE have been put on lock down by the ELITES. Time to be a different kind of Crispus Attucks. Was he running to or away from his death?
. @JoeBiden is coughing in his hand and so arrogant and desperate that he would tell the same old Corn Pop story and go so far as to call a so called black man to his Zoom face, that if you even think about voting for Trump that your n*gger ass ain’t black. You My Nigga!
You see what I did there? “You My Nigga!” The youth have said it for years! I’ve said it! These liberals have poisoned our food, music and images for the last 35 years! Biden basically said, “You My Nigga” and YOU always will be. Now THAT should be a great new joke in November.
Can WE do it? For US? I want my freedom back; my tax money back; my dignity back & I want my fxckin’ Republican Party back! Both parties are filled w/h reptilian; remorseless and Godless DNA. I’m shadowbanned & I’m bored w/h tweeting. I’m done talking to cowards and grifters...
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