Like many, I’ve had some extra fee time these days... After rebinging @theofficenbc and #theofficereunion I was inspired.

A thread of Trump’s handling of the #coronavirus ( #COVID19) pandemic, as told by Michael Scott. #TheOffice
Way back in 2018, Trump decided it was a good idea to disassemble the #Pandemic Response Team – created by the Obama administration in case there was “an airborne disease that is deadly.” This can’t go wrong! #thiswaspreventable
Trump does nothing to replace this. He plays golf and insults people on Twitter – just the normal things that presidents do right?
Then in 2019, when the first inklings of a new virus emerged, Trump ignores the first intelligence briefing he receives. #thiswaspreventable
Trump ignore the second briefing too. #thiswaspreventable
The virus begins to inevitably spread. Will it go away?
Experts: But the models…
Trump visits the Center for Disease Control ( #CDC) where he touts his own understanding of the coronavirus outbreak because, “maybe he has a natural ability.” #ScienceMatters #ListenToTheExperts
On MARCH 13, nearly 3 months after the virus was confirmed to exist, Trump acknowledges that the coronavirus might actually be 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙡 and a 𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙗𝙡𝙚𝙢. #ListentoFauci
Who could have seen this coming? Well... quite literally the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) did.

Oh, but don't worry, Trump stops US funding to #WHO.
The country is officially in a National Emergency. People panic buy toilet paper, practice #socialdistancing 6ft apart and learn how to #WashYourHands . States begin #stayathome orders and #quarantines to #FlattenTheCurve. How long?
To “inform” the public, Trump begins hosting daily White House r̶a̶l̶l̶i̶e̶s̶ briefings on coronavirus.
#TrumpPresser #TrumpPressConference
Trump is broadcast into millions of living rooms nationwide every day:
Trump and his microphone at the briefings. #TrumpVirus
Most importantly, Trumps television ratings are “Bachelor finale, Monday Night Football type numbers.” #TrumpRatings
As expected, Trump gives very “Presidential” performances at the briefings. #TrumpMeltdown
Trump is just as cordial to #media as you would expect. #JournalismMatters
As always, Trump is especially kind to the female reporters. #WomenInJournalism
"The fake news media is trying to blame me!"
Consistently, when speaking to the public, Trump provides no real information whatsoever. #Propoganda #BoycottTrumpPressBriefings #AlternativeFacts
Trump continues to accomplish nothing as the country declines, while sporadically name-dropping companies and CEOs. #MyPillow
BUT HIS TONE!!! #TrumpTone
Trump and his administration promise that everyone can get a test and there are enough ventilators. #WhereAreTheTests #PPEshortage
Despite having a given scientific name: Covid-19, Trump continuously labels an ethnicity to the virus, calling it the “Chinese-Virus,” “China Virus” and Wuhan Virus.”

It would be outrageous to imply that he is #racist though!
#WashTheHate #APAHM
The economy has plummeted, unemployment is at an all-time high, businesses close, citizens can’t pay bills and oil is literally cheaper than water. Trump is clearly upset that “his best economy” is gone.
#TrumpEconomy #TrumpCrash #TrumpMeltdown
Death toll number increase. Trump does not offer sympathies. He is more concerned about “his” economy. #MourningInAmerica #TrumpLiesPeopleDie
In fact, at one point, Trump gives the timeline of opening up the country by EASTER. #CoronavirusLockdown #OpenByEaster
Health and science experts are critical of this unrealistic timeline, but the #MAGA crowd is excited to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead at church, while ironically putting their own lives at risk. #StayHome #QuedateEnCasa
As a quick fix, Trump becomes obsessed with finding a (unproven) miracle drug to continuously push on the American citizenry. #hydroxychloroquin #azithromycin #ListenToFauci
At this point, there still aren’t enough #masks or #PPE. #HealthcareHeros and #EssentialWorkers go out everyday and put their lives at risk on the #frontline . Governors ask for help. The supply chain a mess.

Wait, if we don’t have enough supplies, could we enact the #DefenseProtectionAct?

To help the American people, a single payout is made. #FFCRA #CaresAct #FamiliesFirst #TakeAction
Trump delays many of these payments so that his name can be printed on the checks. The money came from the US Treasury. #StimulusChecks #StimulusPayment
Trump pushes to “reopen the economy.” Human lives vs the economy? No brainer!

Trump says it deaths are inevitable; seemingly putting a price tag on human life. Is just a coincidence for this push as the POC population is being hit disproportionately hard?
Older citizens: What about us? We are vulnerable!
#StopTheSpread #StaySafe
#Immunocompromised Population: But if other people don’t comply, we are higher risk! We all need to be #InThisTogether!
#Governors make it clear to Trump that they want to keep their states and citizens safe and say that they will not be following a premature reopening. #Cuomo #Cuomobriefing
So at one point, Trump claims that he has #totalauthority
Trump takes back that statement the next day since that is well… #unconstitutional.
Trump wants a solution. He inquires – on a live, nationally televised broadcast – if a solution might be injecting #BLEACH into one’s body. He said it sounds “interesting.” #DontDrinkBleach #TrumpDisinfectant
Trump also asks about hitting the body with “ #UV or very powerful light” ??
After backlash, he clarified he was just being ~sarcastic~
Poison Control Centers still get an increase in inquiries about injecting and ingesting disinfectants and companies such as
issue warning statements.

#DontInjectBleach. #Lysol #Clorox #TrumpBleach
When not on TV he visits #mask manufacturing plants where a “ #facemask is required.”

Trump does not wear one.
He does wear goggles though. A mask however would make him look “ridiculous.”
It seems like Trump is willing to listen to any #conspiracytheory, and there have been a lot: #5G #Plandemic #Covid19UK #hoaxvirus #NWO #BillGatesVirus #AntiVaccine #WuhanLab

but still is willing to listen to the experts.
Trump encourages #protests, reopenings and defiance of state/local government orders.

Meanwhile, masks, daily testing, socialdistancing, #contacttracing and #quarantining after exposure is White House protocol.

He knows the guidelines. #WhiteHouseOutbreak #TestTraceIsolate
As the pandemic continues, Trump shifts his blame and fury to “ #Obamagate.” He doesn't seem to have a rationale or cause for these vague and ridiculous accusations. #TrumpIsJealousOfObama #Biden2020
The pandemic is far from over.
A vaccine will take months.
US death count is 85,000 & rising.
Economy wrecked.
STILL no comprehensive nationwide testing.
No plan for contact tracing.
Citizens rebelling against guidelines.
A 2nd wave approaching.

Trump considers this a success.
I created this twitter account to hopefully get noticed by
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If twitter could do its thing, that would be cool… If not, I hope I at least made you laugh during this time. Stay well ☺
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