1. Checks out.

Obama and his thugs had been illegally surveilling @GenFlynn since 2014 using a Title 3 warrant* (see next tweet)

They use this to illegally unmask Gen Flynn & Team Trump (campaign and transition) thereby bypassing FISA court, which doesn't issue T3 warrants. https://twitter.com/TheLastRefuge2/status/1260049503610195968
4. And whaddaya know?

'It must be prepared by an applicant identified as a law enforcement or investigative officer. The application must be in writing, signed by the United States Attorney, an Assistant United States Attorney, and made under oath.' https://www.justice.gov/archives/jm/criminal-resource-manual-28-electronic-surveillance-title-iii-applications
5. 'It must be presented to a Fed district court or court of appeals judge (with) the Dept's authorization (memo) signed by an appropriate Dept official'.

There are over 650 Fed District judges.

THOUSANDS of 'appropriate Dept officials'.

Mix in 'Obama administration'.

6. RAMPANT abuse of power, corruption, illegal spying and unmasking.

Guys let's face it.

If Obama and his goons were willing to do this to a decorated 3 star General, they'd do it to ANYONE.

Especially you and me.

I'm betting A G Barr is gobsmacked at what's being found.
7. We could be talking about THOUSANDS of innocent people being illegally surveilled.

And THOUSANDS from that group being unmasked & targeted for destruction.

At the pinnacle, @GenFlynn

In short, the greatest crime in American history.



The end.
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