Salt is good for your health.

Especially the iodine.

Very, very, important.

Salt is also known as dietary sodium.

Sodium is essential for fluid balance and cellular homeostasis in your body.

Sodium is also essential for nerve and muscular functions.

Very, very important.

Table salt has chloride too.

The ratio of sodium to chloride is 1:1.

Chloride is very important.

It is an important electrolyte that helps in fluid balance, proper blood volume and PH of body fluids.

Very, very important.

Then there is IODINE in salt.

Very, very important.

Iodine is critical in the regulation of metabolism by maintaining the optimum health of the thyroid and thyroid hormones.

Did you know there is a silent pandemic of iodine deficiency?

By the way, if you experience the following

- unexplained fatigue

- brain fog and short concentration span

- feeling cold even when the temperature is OK.

- painful throat

Then, you may consider iodine deficiency.

Our table salt is iodized.

Very important


Too much salt is bad for your health.

It is because of the sodium.

There are individuals categorized as Salt Sensitive ( SS)

When they eat too much salt, their BPs rise and when you restrict, their BPs go low.

It is written that if you have High BPs then restrict sodium.


I have seen studies dismissing this.

There is a book I saw here on Twitter written by an endocrinologist,

I will check it out.

Most of these conventional beliefs are being dismissed.

Himalayan salt:


Just eat your table salt.

No much difference. Both have sodium and chloride.

Table salt is better because it has more iodine.

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