THREAD: This is a precursor to a disastrous backslide for academic women in era of #COVID19 leading to:
- ⬇️promotions, grants
- ⬇️tenure
- being let go w pending budget cuts
- reserval of any gains made in last 20 years 😳

Need to discuss solutions ASAP
#WomenInMedicine 👇🏽
We clearly need new models of academic work production and sponsorship right now to see women thrive and not fall off the path (2/6)

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Team models can work! several women working together with men can make progress - we do this with great success BUT requires team science to be recognized by promotion cmtes ASAP (3/6)

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it’s too easy to not invite women to join assuming they can’t contribute due to home life. This needs to end. Leaders need to be deliberately inclusive of all types of partnerships and people. (4/6)

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The pandemic exposes how we need to be accepting of work life balance. We also need to eliminate notion and bias that only women are on the hook for household responsibilities (5/6)

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So while women can certainly help each other, this will absolutely require enlisting more than a few good men to sponsor and lead the way in how to ensure women academics are not left behind (6/6)

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J/k one more-Welcome your ideas and thoughts to ensure we make progress on gender equity in science and academia during the pandemic.

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