Since a lot of y'all are new here, let's talk about snitch-tagging. The first thing and really all you need to know is don't fucking do it. But here's why. In this instance, I talked shit about a shitty Kevin Smith movie. 1/
I know Kevin's probably on twitter but I didn't tag him. Now odds are, Kevin's got other shit going on and isn't as deranged as say, Elon Musk, who searches his own name to pick fights with random accounts who don't like him.
Kevin, like anyone with more than a few followers probably has his notifications set to only people who he follows. You have to or this fucking site becomes unusable. Verified accounts get a bonus where we can see only mentions by other verified accounts. I know. It's awesome.
Sometimes though, if we post something asking for replies like "what's your favorite kevin smith movie where Ben Affleck fucks a lesbian?" We'll search our handle so we can see your replies. This is where your fucking snitch-tag matters and why you get blocked.
Maybe Kevin's a decent person and having a bad day. Maybe his dog just fucking died. I don't know. I don't follow him and didn't tag him so he'd never have seen me shitting on his movie, until you snitch-tagged him.
Now he's trying to find a place still open for dog burials and he's checking his mentions and every dipshit who doesn't remove the tag before responding to your stupid fucking snitch-tag is in his mentions dunking on you, his movie, me, his other movie, and some trump joke.
Maybe Kevin's a fucking asshole. Maybe he really does hate women and lesbians. You just served him a lesbian shitting on his movie. So he quote-tweets it for his douche-bro fan base and now my mentions are full of douche-bros calling me a dyke who needs a good deep-dicking
Now instead of whatever topic I wanted to tweet about, I'm getting harassed by an army of incels who thought Clerks deserved an oscar. They spend a week insulting me, my mom and my dog. One of them doxxes me and now my fucking life is in danger because I didn't like Chasing Amy.
In other words, yeah. It's a public forum. Sometimes we talk shit knowing the person we're talking shit about has better things to do than search their name in case someone doesn't like them (except elon musk). If we want to tag someone, we'll tag them. Do not fucking snitch-tag.
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