Happy @FloppyKnights Thursday!

In lieu of a full design thread, I'm going to post a follow-up on the changes proposed from last week's thread, which can be found below!

SO! Did the changes work? Is the game good now? Let's find out!

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Previous to now, Attacks and Move Cards in Floppy Knights were structured as two separate basic card resources, and the goal was to design ratio and probability well enough for the player to always have a basic action to do on their turn.

It didn't work.
Let's take a look at this board state. I've drawn no Attacks, so my Cactus Knight can't do much other than move.

I could spawn a Succulent Kicker to generate an attack in my hand, but then I'll have too little Energy to both move and use it.

I spend my turn turtling.
But under the new Attack structure, where every Unit can perform one attack for free each turn, I can do something like this!
All of this is to show off two things:

1. The depth and breadth of new actions I can take with the new attack structure
2. The amount of extreme happiness I'm under knowing that a large, refactoring change that took a LOT of work paid off
The lesson here is that it is always useful to identify a potential misstep in design and attempt to fix it, as long as you can fix it early enough, and with the right fix.

Or at least as close as possible to the right fix.
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