THREAD 🚨 Tonight's Town Hall with @DoctorTro @AmyDee1001 @BiggestComeback and hearing stories from @ketocoachvic and @danielcadmus took me back to very emotional low points in my life that shouldn't had been low points...The doctors office 1/
For years I would go to the doctors, ask for advice on losing weight, and all Id get was eat less move more, count calories, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid fat and red meat, limit the junk food etc. Maybe send me home with a pamphlet and see ya next year. 2/
I would do my best, I really would, but when you only limit junk and replace it with fruits and other low calorie & low fat BS you never have control over your hunger and the occasional binge happens and by your next appointment you've gained despite best efforts 3/
I was told on more then one yearly check up that I must have miss counted my calories, I must have ate more fat then I thought, and maybe I should exercise more. Nothing like feeling helpless and a failure when you gave it your best. 4/
My last doctor appointment the year before starting low carb I was in the gym 3x a week religiously and doing my best with all the standard advice, I lost like 10lbs but gained it all back and then some, my confidence in my doctor was starting to fail at this point 5/
So at my check up I was close to 260 and my numbers were all creeping up toward being out of range, so his only advice was to push meds, not for weight loss, but for cholesterol and BP, it was like destiny I was going to obese and on meds at 35 6/
I had lost all trust in my doctor and felt he was not interested in helping me get healthier so as anyone should do, and what I should have done sooner, I got a new doctor. 7/
I told My new doctor that I was going to do #lowcarb in a month and I want to give that a shot before starting any meds, she was cool with it, she said she wasn't familiar but wanted to see me every 6 months to keep an eye on things. 8/
As the months went by I had lost nearly 100lbs at the one year appointment and had reversed all my numbers, I will admit it took a couple years for them to really get in great range and stabilize but they got there, she encouraged me and has a new perspective on it now. 9/
So I was obese at 35, worst shape of my lifeand about to be but on multiple meds and felt & looked like at 36 being normal weight, best shape of my life and no meds just by following advice that no doctor before had even mentioned as an option to me. 10/
I heard too many similar stories tonight like mine and it outraged me, we need to do better, our doctors and government need to do better, their advice hasn't worked for decades and its still standard advice! Nobody should experience this. Rant over. 11/🛑
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