Your CFO is coming for your marketing budget ... she might have to in order for your brand to survive.

This means that email marketing is about to become the primary channel for heavy lifting, given that the channel is virtually free.

Bad for Google/Facebook short-term.
Your email marketing program needs to generate between $0.12 and $0.20 per individual address per campaign, or your email marketing program is failing in a modern world.
Yes, email marketing is about to become your primary channel for heavy lifting ... from a marketing perspective.

50% off and free shipping messages will no longer cut it when the channel has to perform heavy lifting. It's over.
There are several ways that you'll look at email marketing to know that the channel is doing the heavy lifting.

1) Email generates 15% - 20% of total annual e-commerce sales.

2) Email generates 35%+ of total annual e-commerce sales among best customers.
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