1. Lee, 3 qs:

#1 You're saying Clinton and her proxies laundered fake Russian disinformation to Brennan, who then laundered it into Congress (to legitimise it) who then handed it to FBI?

#2 If so, do you think that they all knew it was fake, including Obama himself?

#3 /...
2. #3 - Do you think it's possible that Russian oligarchs participated in the scheme? I've always thought that Deripaska is going to be caught up in this, as he had motive to co-operate/ participate (access to US).

Would appreciate your thoughts, when you have time. Thanks,REX
3. How they laundered the lie has always fascinated me. Example:

Brennan took the Steele dirt to the Gang of 8, Reid & McCain (cutting out Nunes) so that it emerged as bi-partisan Congress-stamped 'intelligence' that could be fed to Comey.

How many knew the Steele info was BS?
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