Make sure to gather specifics about how much data comes from public vs. private hospitals/labs. I wrote my MPH thesis on how PH data skews based on where/how the data is pulled. County hospital data in most of America (esp the South) will typically skew heavily towards POC.
The key will be to synthesize data that filters up from county/public labs and hospitals that have relatively more fluid channels with state health departments/CDC/CMS/HHS than private practice MDs/hospitals/labs that are submitting data through smaller, less streamlined means.
We’ll also need more socioeconomic info as well as stats on the pre-COVID health status of everyone who suffers and perishes from the virus. It’s more than likely that pre-existing gender/race health disparities will be multiplied by a clearly quantifiable sum, and by geography.
In other words, the marginalized will be hit 1st and hardest by any & every crisis that befalls this country. No mystery, no surprise. We keep trying to tell people this, but NO. The question that still remains is how many privileged folk have to suffer & die too b4 they’ll GAF?
It’s not a conspiracy theory. Every policy on the @GOP platform is detrimental to every demographic that reliably votes against them, the only way to escape the mayhem is to be wealthy enough to afford voting Republican. This is America. 😒
Here’s what I mean re: Louisiana. The 70%/32% disparity doesn’t tell the whole story b/c it doesn’t include the patient demographics of the hospitals/labs that submitted data or what the typical racial breakdown is for the death rates at those hospitals.
On any given day at a lot of these public/county hospitals around the country, 40-70% of the ppl who are suffering and dying are POC. It’s a function of the public health system’s very existence in America, no story about healthcare is being told completely without that context.
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I have yet to see any of these articles acknowledge the built-in overrepresentation of Black people in public/county health systems or the fact that COVID data culled primarily from public/county health systems in America will skew Black in counties with large Black populations.
They’ll be dazed and confused when the public/county system data from states/counties with low Black populations suddenly show high infection/hospitalization/death rates amongst socioeconomically disadvantaged WWC folk who live in the sticks aka coal/meth/opiate/gun country...
A lot of the folk breathlessly bringing us this COVID disparity data have never stepped foot into a public/county hospital/clinic in a predominately White/Native/Latino/Asian or Black community in America. They don’t know what living on SS/Medicaid/Medicare/county rolls is like.
Likewise, the MSM is doing a piss poor job of understanding then effectively communicating the gigantic, scatterbrained system of public vs. private healthcare in this country, and how that dichotomy will unavoidably impact the delivery of care to the marginalized vs. privileged.
They won’t even do the bare minimum of just stopping to ask how much of the data they’re reporting is coming from public/county hospitals in predominately Black/POC localities vs. how much is coming from private, Cadillac hospitals in predominantly White rural towns and suburbs.
Here’s a receipt on the private vs. public data dichotomy. Look at how many tests are being processed at private labs in Texas. 👀 If those numbers don’t fully make it into the same “public health department” report that’s submitted for the whole state, a huge story goes untold.
These are nuances that ultimately require a great deal of knowledge, training and experience to fully understand, but suffice it to say that COVID in America will be a very *unique* data mining operation b/c our outcomes are not only confounded by geography/class but by race too.
This isn’t like comparing Italians to South Koreans as 2 distinct nationalities, it’s comparing 50 states against each other, plus a background of centuries of institutionalized racism & socioeconomic disparities for specific cultural identities, with covid on top of it all.
Really great thread that breaks down all of the confounding variables I describe above. The racial disparities must be analyzed in the context of the fact that the public/county data is skewed by the demographics of the population that uses those facilities in each locality...🧾
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During my first medical school interview at a program I didn’t get into, the attending interviewer asked me “if you’re so interested in public health, why not just get an MPH instead of becoming an MD?” I told her I intended to do both and happily ranked them lowest on my list.
ICYMI we broke down the puzzle pieces of private vs. public healthcare, data and disparities, as they relate to #COVID19 reporting, it starts at the 13:25 mark. 👩🏾‍⚕️🧾💡 | via @RickSmithShow #PublicHealth #ScienceMatters #FactsMatter
Get back to us when the MSM figures out that their refusal to sensationalize White public health disparities the same way they do everyone else’s is why the White American voting majority keeps voting for sociopathy and genocide but calling it a blessing and prosperity. #Cult45*
America needs a trigger warning. 😷 #AmericanSociopath #PerennialSins
#COVID19 has killed multiple bishops and pastors within the nation’s largest Black Pentecostal denomination | via @washingtonpost Disparity devils in the details... #Cult45* #AusterityGospel 🦊🤡 #JesusWept #EmptyThePews 😷
The thing about gorging oneself on Fox “news” (read neurotoxin) 24/7 is that when it’s time to mount up with the other MAGAts for a “beautiful” anti-quarantine, anti-social distancing protest bonanza in Trump’s “honor”, important disclaimers like this one go completely unnoticed.
In other words, an MSM narrative that spends the early phase of a *global* pandemic convincing White Americans they have the complexion for protection from a novel virus with no cure or vaccine is how the @GOP persists in convincing its base to die for them, religiously. 🦊🤡😷
In more other words...
They’re quick to post the death toll and disparities data for countries abroad or historically marginalized demographics here at home, but when it comes to the rural White people who voted for Trump, they bring you gun-toting rallies instead of reality.
The blind trust of White supremacy that’s kept the White American voting majority wed to the @GOP for the last 55+ years renders them unable to fathom that their “saviors” sold them out to Putin who will gladly watch them snuff themselves out bc they’re the evidence of his crime.
It’s pretty clear now that it’s not as much about ignorance or fake news as it is about these people literally NOT GIVING A FUCK about themselves, their families/friends, communities or the world b/c a lifetime of voting GOP for bigotry’s sake already killed their life prospects.
MAGAts don’t care if they live or die b/c voting GOP gives you nothing to live for/on if you aren’t filthy rich, plus their perversion of Christianity teaches them that martyrdom for corporations & hatred is virtuous and they’ll be rewarded in heaven after they die prematurely.
This isn’t the kind of health disparity America wants to talk about because it not only contradicts Trump/the GOP’s attempted CYA talking points but also their entire platform and the mythology of “pro-life”. The MSM assists them by pushing #MAGAMasochism to page 6. 🤡😷
Bottom line is the carnage extends to the folk who voted for it, and it ALWAYS has. Downtrodden White sharecroppers in the South who lived in poverty, squalor and despair still took up arms and died by the thousands to keep Black people enslaved and the slavery economy in place.
The rural base is highly expendable to the GOP but it wasn’t breathless breaking news or a disparity worthy of sensationalizing so the MAGAts still think they’re safe enough to be #SuperSpreaders at Klan rallies for DT in the streets of the heartland during a fucking pandemic.
They’ll never blame the “savior” who sold them plenty of red hats for not coming through with their blue masks or ventilators in a crisis. They don’t wanna breathe any easier, they’d rather choke on hate. 🤡🦊
“He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting.” - Deplorable Trump voter, circa January 2019. | via @stevebenen Batter up, MAGAts. Thoughts and prayers. 🙏🏾
🚨 Spoiler Alert: The American MSM will NOT take responsibility for selling White American culture the excuse of “economic anxiety” for signing their jobs, money, safety and lives over to a sociopath maniac & a party of sociopaths who’ve been killing them for the last 55+ YEARS.
The other spoiler alert 🚨 is the @TexasGOP has another thing coming if they think I’m EVER gonna keep my mouth shut about their atrocious, sadistic bullshit b/c I’ve been treating the aftermath of their policies and *rural White Texans* for the last 17 YEARS. I don’t FORGET.
I dare us to sensationalize *this* public health disparity. The MAGAt fatalities don’t magically get erased from the death toll just because they willingly and enthusiastically laid their lives down on the pavement for Trump and the @GOP. Tell #Cult45* that Putin’s killing them.
Please take some time to read this brilliant thread re the disparity between funding & listenership of left vs. ring wing radio, and how the latter is fueling the insane, #SuperSpreading, anti-quarantine, Klan parade events Trump’s inciting and putting the Rust Belt at high risk.
Nobody has to “say it out loud” explicitly, the fallacy is implicitly inferred from the sensationalized MSM coverage of baked-in, already known pre-covid racial disparities in public healthcare data. That’s how Trump/the MSM told them White people have “immunity”/superiority.
Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Receives Racist Text Calling Her N-Word and Demanding She Re-Open Atlanta During Global Pandemic | via @Essence #MAGAVirus #Cult45*🤡
“We’re dealing w/ppl across the tracks who will make up any and every nonsensical, illogical, totally delusional, crazy thing 🦊🤡 to distract away from the fact that ultimately all they want is for ppl who look like them to vote for them.” - @docrocktex26
Never forget that Trump’s been sending MAGAts to early graves this whole time but they’re still ok with it b/c Fox “news” and the @GOP convinced them he’s only killing “those people”. #RIPMAGAt 🦊🤡 #MAGAMasochism #Sadism 📵🩸
Translation: More *RACIST and intentional denial/obfuscation/obstruction/miseducation of the public* aimed at convincing overwhelmingly White Republicans that Trump and the complicity lethal @GOP *aren’t killing their own voters for the sake of White supremacy and fascism*. 💣💡
🤡🚨 Sensationalize THIS self-induced Rural/WWC health disparity: 1 in 5 rural Texas counties don’t have a doctor/functional hospital with an ICU. Sid Miller: “I’m afraid..this pandemic..we’re gonna continue to lose healthcare providers in rural Texas and ALL across the nation.”
Correct. We have tons of psychiatric patients who would benefit from the expansion of telemedicine that @GregAbbott_TX was actually wise enough to ✅ green light but when we refer them to the providers/programs they can’t participate b/c no phone, computer or internet. #Cult45*🥴
That’s also why these multicultural conversations are important, White evangelicals aren’t the same as Black Christians and neither are the sermons/pews on Sunday. That schism was exploited by the @GOP to make abortion a bait & switch for RACIST MISOGYNY against Black women.
Also here’s a link to the religious right thread that contains the Roe v. Wade article above. Prescient in light of the #COVID19 disparities and my anecdotal observations that Black women here in Houston are wearing damn near full hazmat suits when we run errands. Cute but 😷.
“These ppl don’t care, they’re out in the street marching with their guns b/c they feel safe, b/c *their POTUS* told them [they can’t get this thing] Are you gonna live or die due to who you put into public office?! 🧐” - @docrocktex26 | via @RickSmithShow
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