#Lockingdown the entire population by assuming that anyone could be carrying the virus is impractical, the most pragmatic approach would be a more nuanced and data-driven approach of mass-testing of at-least 10000 people per day. @gathara
Targeted testing of those presenting with any mild symptoms(according to the case definition), and then tracing and testing their close contacts Those who test + would be put into a mandatory 2 quarantine in their homes, enforced through tracking and punitive fines @braga_vance
This will allow @MOH_Kenya to identify where exactly the virus is, to break further chains of transmission & suppress the cases within the healthcare capacity limit. #flatteningthecurve @YatichN @KinyiO
#SocialDistancing will then be relaxed to allow most of society to recovery from economic shocks and return to near normalcy; schools reopening, public transport, air traffic, team sports.
#serology continuous monitoring of virus circulation should be done in febrile cases by rapid antibody testing, this will help to determine the extent of exposure #prevalence that will inform #Herd_Immunity. Giving impetus for Vaccine and Clinical trials for therapies
To bolster the testing capacity @KEMRI_Kenya needs to collaborate with private @LancetKenya_PLK and university labs, with focus to rapid diagnostic kits. human capacity in #molecular skills should also be prioritised.
#Policy emphasis should be on political and economic priority to acquire the testing kits, employing of mobile based surveillance apps for contact tracing, #modeling scenarios to predict future pandemics, this will enhance preparedness and response for #coronavirusInkenya
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