#IndieGameDev question for you:
Which of the 3 button designs do you like best for this game aesthetic? (or should I keep trying 😄
1. rounded, 2. small hex-boxes, 3. larger hex boxes, 4. keep trying 😏)
Still trying -- thicker borders and a die. Erm, that's supposed to be an ellipsis at an isometric angle 😞
Yeah, I'll keep trying #ScreenShotSaturday #IndieDev
Also made a medical dustbin (trash for the Americans)
All my Googling suggested this (albeit yellow) was the design but now worried it feels a bit too... Zombie Bio-hazard danger for our cute co-op puzzler 😅
#ScreenShotSaturday #IndieDev
The final version of my GUI button designing for your delectation. (yeah still need to fix those hands)
Look OK?
#ScreenShotSaturday (eh-hum on-Sunday) #IndieDev
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