And just for fun, here is our 2019 list: #30EarthMonthHeroes
2) You can literally put our 2nd hero in your ears every day. As the host of the addictive show #NPRShortwave, @maddie_sofia makes science accessible & entertaining, tackling current events + important issues like representation. She is a master of #scicomm.

3) The 3rd person to be featured in our #30EarthMonthHeroes is journalist @PeterBrannen1. The author/journalist is into deep time. With his elegant prose, he draws insights for today from the Earth’s past extinctions. We dare you to ask him about the End Permian extinction.
4) The 4th in our #30EarthMonthHeroes series is a proud member of #teamfish and @RiceUniversity professor, @sternarchella. He’s an outspoken #BlackandSTEM advocate and is super knowledge about fish (& their skulls). His feed is full of fun science enjoyables and won’t disappoint.
5) Number 5 is @ClaireLeaMartin, Sr. Mgr. of Strategic Philanthropy for Corporate Citizenship at @DisneyConserves. Claire focuses on reversing the decline of wild species and serves as an advisor for the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leadership Program. #30EarthMonthHeroes
6/ #30EarthMonthHeroes is @Paulix Paul Thompson, Director of Conservation Programs at @SavePangolins. He works tirelessly to contribute to saving the most trafficked mammal in the world. #pangolins.
8+9 of our #30EarthMonthHeroes are #bigcat PhDs @biologistimo & @_ellie_cat. These terrific #SciComm-ers provided a public service w/ their informative commentary on ( #HateWatchOfTheYear) #TigerKing . They also share valuable info on the #wildlifetrade & its impact on conservation
10/ #30EarthMonthHeroes is @MiriamGoldste of
@OceanProgress @CAPenergypolicy. A #marinebiologist, who used to work on Capitol Hill, she now advocates for #greenenergy and a more sustainable future.
11/ #30EarthMonthHeroes @soFISHtication, a #biologist whose hilarious and informative #AnimalFacts videos have helped us get through these tough times. #Scicomm can be hilarious AND informative at the same time! #Scicommedy anyone?
12/ #30EarthMonthHeroes is @anaturalstate Dr Abigail McQuatters-Gollop, a marine conservation ecologist policy expert, She fights for marine conservation management and is someone you have to know. #30EarthMonthHeroes Check her out
13/ #30EarthMonthHeroes is Rocky Sanchez/ @Rare_org VP for Philippines & Pacific Islands. She leads the global initiative Fish Forever, which works w/ local&national leaders to manage coastal fisheries more sustainably.
16/ #30EarthMonthHeroes is @KellyDonithan a Senior Specialist in Disaster Operations for Humane Society International. She’s spent her entire career in wildlife conservation & worked in Australia after their unprecedented wildfire
17/ #30EarthMonthHeroes @corvidresearch provides great information on unfairly maligned crows, the weekly #CroworNo (a game that helps you improve your bird ID skills!) and fascinating information on Corvid death behaviours (something you didn’t know you needed to know)
18/ #30EarthMonthHeroes is
@cathgem2000, @mcsuk Scotland Conservation Officer, She leads the citizen science project Beachwatch, a marine litter campaign which has led to policy work in marine litter policy. #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis 
19/ #30EarthMonthHeroes @jess_carilli, a #marine scientist who is doing important work on #coralbleaching and #climatechange. Her research is helping us learn how we impact coastlines- and how to mitigate those impacts. 
20/ #30EarthMonthHeroes is @Hannahepickard, the amazing climate communicator and network manager for @_NNOCCI. She’s working to help people have hopeful, positive conversations about #climatechange - and she’s doing a pretty amazing job at it!
22/ #30EarthMonthHeroes is @TaotaoTasi, who came up with this brilliant way to celebrate #EarthMonth in the first place. Every day is #EarthDay when you celebrate the people doing awesome work for the planet.
24/ #30EarthMonthHeroes is @KristinAquilino of @WhiteAbalone and @bodegamarinelab to "save an adorable marine snail from the brink of extinction." She shares amazing photos of these #inverts, whose shells are the only thing you’re probably familiar with. 
25/ #30EarthMonthHeroes is @annaoposa a marine conservationist who heads @SavePHSeas, which aims to protect the country’s coastal and marine resources through information, communication, and education campaigns and community-based projects. #savephseas
26/ #30EarthMonthHeroes @drmichellelarue has dedicated much energy and time to #scicomm, and has engaged over 300,000 people in her #CitizenScience research, via #GeoHive. Not to mention everyone’s favorite Twitter Game: #CourgarorNot
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