Doesn’t look good for the @TexasGOP out here, I’m in a respectably long line to vote at 2 PM CT in a majority-minority district in Sugar Land. Bless y’all’s hearts. 😘 #SuperTuesday2020
Whew chile I made it out in 50 minutes. Line was just as long when I left as it was when I got there so I feel for the folk who are gonna show up after 5.... 😬
Here’s more background on how the voting process works in states that hold “open” primaries and don’t tie party affiliation to voter registration.
There’s been a lot of talk about the prospect of Republicans crossing over to vote for candidates they perceive as weak or detrimental to the overall goal of beating Trump, so I wanna share a little anecdote from my voting experience today that’s less scandalous/pessimistic...
The first thing to keep in mind is that apart from the top of the ticket, there are TONS of important down ballot races on the table tonight, so it’s a mistake to assume that just b/c the GOP won’t let anyone run against Trump that GOP Never Trumpers who loathe him won’t show up.
When you go in to get your access code for the voting machines (😒) you have to tell them if you want a D or R ballot and that’s what decides what line of machines you vote on and which names are on your ballot, so if your goal is a ratfuck, that means you can’t vote for ANY Rs.
IOW that’s not really a viable opposition strategy for the GOP because they actually need real Rs to get real R ballots and vote for real Rs who will go on to compete with real Ds who were chosen by real Ds. It’s a unicorn fantasy ratfuck strategy, if it’s even a strategy at all.
Which brings me to my anecdote...
My subdivision is also majority-minority, so the voter crowd always looks like a typical D coalition, there were plenty of POC and White women so that part didn’t surprise me but whenever I saw a White man I was curious if he was there to vote R or D....
There was a gray haired White guy in front of me (I’d say late 50s-early 60s) in business shirt and slacks who looked like he just came from the office standing in front of me so I made it a point to be eavesdrop on which ballot he chose...
The really sunken place feeling about voting in TX or really the South in general is it’s such a racially tinged exercise that there’s a sort of a cone of secrecy about party affiliation and ideology, so they give you the option to *silently point* at a square to choose D or R.
Some ppl DGAF & yell it out loud (moi) and others are really sly abt it and either 1) whisper while making intense eye contact with the poll worker or 2) use the silent point escape hatch. The White guy in front of me did both 1 and 2 b/c 1 didn’t work out & he chose a D ballot!
😂😂 I have no fucking idea which D he ultimately chose for the POTUS portion of the ballot, but the basic fact that *that* White guy who so outwardly appears to be a target GOP voter is asking for and voting with a D ballot is a bad thing for the GOP and Trump on ANY Tuesday.
In a state where such a relatively smaller percentage of White men vote D, having Trump in the WH puts them at such a high risk of losing reasonable Rs who don’t vote D (and are therefore somewhat ashamed to ask for a D ballot) requesting a D ballot so they can vote Joe/Mike/Liz.
🚨 Also FYI to everyone who’s suddenly reporting on hundreds of closed polling locations in Texas, this has been a *known problem* since 2013 and it’s why it was always a Jim Crow reboot for SCOTUS/Roberts to declare racism dead just b/c Obama was POTUS. This is a chronic issue.
Side note, I’m watching @msnbc and the mood is so somber and stunned presumably because they hyped themselves into a corner about Bernie being the “undisputed” front runner and now the results don’t match up because they didn’t talk to enough POC or reliable White allies. Welp.
Please keep in mind when you’re watching the TX reporting that the lines have been extremely long due to reduced polling locations so it will take time for the huge population centers in Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and El Paso to get all the voters through the process...
Apart from that, it’s not just the city centers we’re talking about. Our suburbs are huge (~80-200K ppl) so it will also take time for those precincts to get their numbers out. But once they do come in, the answers will be declarative because of the sheer volume of vote totals.
Welp, Joe just won OK. Also known as a state Bernie won in 2016.
Let me go make a drink... #standby #SuperTuesday2020 #WeKnowJoe
9:50 CT and @msnbc just reported they’re still waiting in line to vote in Houston. It’s gonna be a LONG night, y’all.... #SuperTuesdayTexas 💅🏾
The other thing you need to understand is that the chronically reduced polling locations (since ‘13) disproportionately impact POC, which means we’re gonna be waiting b/c Black voters show up to the polls wishing a MFer would & will STAY in line even longer if we detect Jim Crow.
The other important 🔑 for Texas is GOTV efforts undertaken by Beto, Bloomberg (and even Kamala) dating back to Beto’s 2018 run and the launch of the primary this time last year has been crucial for boosting D registration/turnout in general which is vital for turning TX blue. 💡
Both Kamala and Beto held HUGE rallies at TSU in Houston in March 2019, so despite them not still being on the stage, their campaigns have been connecting and activating volunteers and voter registration to BUILD on the HUGE gains Beto made in Texas in ‘18. Down ballot boost.🔥
Stop 😴 on Texas Democrats. 🚨 #SuperTuesdayTexas2020 #AllEyesOnTexas
Now that Biden’s in the lead in TX, Bernie’s at a bit of a disadvantage going into the final stretch of precinct reporting b/c the last to report will also be the big metro and suburban areas that have had such long lines (so the remaining vote will likely lean Biden b/c of POC).
The other thing you need to understand abt the long lines/closed polling places (GOP voter suppression) is Black voters are *accustomed to these tactics* and will paradoxically wait for HOURS to draw more attention, b/c I’m not exaggerating when I say we need a #VRA Juneteenth.
YAHTZEE!!! 🔥🔥🔥 #TurnTexasJoe #ExpectUs #YesWeDid #WeKnowJoe
On the contrary, I think the Texas results are a pretty good example of what happens when turnout is high and traditional R voters aren’t wedding themselves to voting R along racial lines, but are actually deliberatively helping Ds find the best challenger for unpopular Trump.
🚨 AGAIN, it is absolutely INSANE that Ds outside TX continue to habitually neglect the prospect of *38 EVs* in the general when there are determined/enthusiastic voters of color here who are willing to STAY & FIGHT like hell til the LAST *primary vote* is counted. h/t @kprin7 🔥
TX Rs don’t mind switching back to R later b/c if their influence on the selection of the D nominee results in Joe v. Trump, the *Never Trumper TX Rs* can still wash their hands of him and throw him to the 🐺 in the general despite not being able to primary him from within. ☕️
Another 🔑 is this TX primary is occurring against a backdrop of Trump being relatively unpopular not just with Ds but also Rs, who in TX were mostly backing Jeb or Cruz in ‘16. The TX GOP isn’t above letting TX and nationwide Ds take out their trash.
Also for long game purposes, I think it’s more than likely that a large portion of the Super Tuesday R Never Trumper crossovers in TX and other open primary states will still either switch completely back to R or split their Nov. ticket to 1) dump Trump 2) retain R Senate seats.
Because there are so many possible Nov. options for the R voters who are clearly tipping the scales towards Joe in the D primary, this is a nightmare scenario for Trump/the GOP’s chances of retaining the WH b/c it turns so many of the typically safe red states into TOSSUPS. 🔥
This means that even if the Never Trumper R effort in TX doesn’t ultimately result in TX turning blue, it still boosts down ballot TX races for Ds *AND* it still leaves Trump facing an opponent who could actually flip OTHER red/purple states blue on the EC map and get Ds to 270.
The reason it isn’t an exaggeration to say that Texas once again needs a #VRA #Juneteenth (google it if you still dk what it is yet) is the longer lines/reduced polling places are a CRIME against POC’s voting rights that’s been happening in plain sight at this rate for ~7 YRS.
If the bluff that ultimately gets called is Texas R Never Trumpers/Never Berners using the open primary loophole to help Ds send Joe to a general election where he still loses TX but flips OTHER red/purple states BLUE for 270, I’ll lmao with them on OUR way to the cookout. 💅🏾🔥☕️
People need to suspend their disdain for open primaries (and TX/the South in general) long enough to add up all the D votes in TX in the context of Rs *literally wasting a chance to impact down ballot R races* to cross over and help deliver the Deep South to Joe on Super Tuesday.
Much like Texas Ds, Texas Rs are unique and have a flare for ALL things DGAF when it comes to local/state politics. They’re a hybrid of Bush/Rockerfeller Rs and Libertarians, they love money and racism but they love law & order more. They relish being the GOP’s premier deciders.
As such, what TX Rs REALLY don’t fucking like is a sleazy, broke, fraud Yankee on Putin’s payroll hopping into the ‘16 GOP primary and boxing out their poster boys Cruz & Jeb despite their 💵 advantages, decider status and the Steele Dossier oppo research that they ALL PAID FOR.
The FACT of the matter remains that if the compromised, bought-and-paid-for-RNC hadn’t forbidden the whole party from primarying their *impeached forever* POTUS, Trump wouldn’t stand a chance against ANY SANE Republican in these red states, especially TEXAS, the premier decider.
In case you don’t believe me, here’s a flashback to ‘16 when JEB! completely wasted $130 million of “J. R. Ewing’s” collective 💵 for NOTHING. TX Rs have been plotting revenge ever since like any Texan worth their BBQ would do in this situation. Enter Open Southern Primaries/Joe:
🚨 Term for The Day: Down Ballot #FlipItBlue #TurnTexasJoe #Blue🌊
The “J.R. Ewing” TX R will sleep better with Biden in the WH. He remembers how well he slept when Obama was POTUS but he couldn’t fully express gratitude for it back then b/c Blackness (💅🏾). Now that Trump is an endless disaster, Uncle Joe looks even MORE safe. ☕️
In other words... #WelcomeToTheSouthYall
Once again this is where I’m gonna have to point you right back to LBJ, a VP who inherited a nation in immense turmoil and social unrest, yet simultaneously clamoring for a *transformative* expansion of civil rights/social justice & a dismantling of Jim Crow. Sound familiar?! 💡
What better state to recognize when White supremacy and right wing extremism have totally jumped the shark but the state that forever lives in infamy as the place where JFK was killed? The “J.R. Ewing” TX R is decent enough to know that any stain on HIS city is bad for BUSINESS.
IOW, what if TX Rs along with R crossovers throughout the Southeast joined together with the multicultural D coalition to “rise again” against Trump for law and order and a return to the more covert bigotry they were accustomed to prior to his hijacking of their party & America?
The pundits may never arrive at the most salient conclusions, and folk #onhere may never fully listen to or internalize us, but voters from America’s most prominent *civil rights battlegrounds*, BOTH D & R, are signaling that Joe can be trusted for the job b/c he’s been THERE b4.
If the utility of “open” primaries in Southern/former Confederacy/“red” states that allow White Rs a free pass to course correct for the racist, atrocious mistake *they* made in the prior election is still confusing you, please Google slavery, abolition, Reconstruction/Jim Crow.
If the utility of “open” primaries in “safe red” states is it allows White Rs a free pass to course correct for the treasonous mistake *they* made that resulted in THEIR OWN PARTY selling out to Trump/Putin and refusing to remove him, isn’t a TX R voting D the right thing to do?
Condescension doesn’t build coalitions: TX Down Ballot Edition #SuperTuesdayTexasResults ☕️
More receipts on Beto’s voter registration efforts in TX. We already had draconian Jim Crow era restrictions before 2013, but without the protections it mandated, it’s even worse now. We need a massive, sustained effort to get it done.
More receipts on how the GOP keeps Texas “red”... #FlipItBlue #TurnTXJoe
Major 🔑:
The good news is that despite our chronically crappy voter turnout in recent times, Texas just reached a record breaking 16 million registered voters, 1 million of which have been registered since Beto ran for Senate in 2018 (he only lost by 219K). 💅🏾☕️
Update: It hit the jackpot. 🎰 #SuperTuesdayResults #WeKnowJoe
They weren’t Berners and there were enough of them to give #TKOJOE the W. He’s gearing up for a pandemic induced landslide and handedly won not only TX, but the rest of the Dirty South outright. Stop floating this bullshit theory that isn’t supported by data, facts or exit polls.
Beto isn’t a dumb man. He knows he can’t win a statewide race in Texas as a kickass reliable White ally until the state is free from the chains of low voter turnout and Jim Crow voter suppression. He couldn’t overcome the GOP’s lure of Whiteness™️. Too many Texans don’t vote.
Update: It paid off well on 3/3, Bernie eventually cleared the way and took a damn seat, now we’re in an atrocious pandemic, Texas is in a recession, the JR Ewing CEOs are SBA loan welfare queens, and a TX judge just green lit #votebymail. Break out your tall boots, y’all.. 🔥💣
Nope but I’ll consider resting and proudly declaring total exhaustion if Texas turns blue for Joe on 11/3/20. #nopressure #justgetitdonethough
Us and @BetoORourke are the only ones who get it, which is fine because we’re Texas Democrats so we *prefer* to be underestimated. Long as they know to #ExpectUs until we accomplish our mission and revenge that’s good enough for me.
Well that’s YOUR loss. The rest of us have good sense and facts on our side while you’re throwing farcical bullshit at the walls. 💩 Go wash your hands then sit down. #bye
That’s also what paradoxically makes Texas more of a winnable state with Joe, it really is a very classic LBJ dynamic and displacement happening here. TX is officially NOT defendable by $ or Trump Klan appearances, any of the above sends TX more blue b/c it exacerbates the shame.
Trump and the GOP already maximized the fullest extent of the raw data Klan vote (not to say they don’t still have the Russian hack option) plus the ‘18 midterm and ‘20 polling already show that he’s hugely slipping in the burbs’ as the disaster gets worse every day. Lame Donald.
Not only that, but I don’t care whether you have an R or D after your name, if you fuck up J. R. Ewing’s “AWL” 💵 it really just fucking DOES have to be over for you b/c Texas’ whole economy requires a steady hand (or at least a Bush that loves oil and war) on the tiller. Toast.
Also apart from the oil/money/economy piece, there really is just a fascinating reverse realignment in progress with Joe as the nominee that I think is harkening back to an era in the White Texan over age 65+ bloc’s mind frame and evolving them *into* Dixiecrats again. Marinate..
Oh and ICYMI this is the movement in TX I’m referencing, Ds usually lose TX by ~9-10% as a status quo, so for Joe to already be ahead 1 in this pretty solid poll, that really does mean we’re in the driver’s seat now with #VoteByMail secured. All we need is KDH @ VP + #BETOGOTDV
Absofuckinglutely, Amash is *terrible* news for Trump across the ENTIRE Dirty Southeast and West. They shoulda cut Trump loose when they had the chance but I guess the kompromat is worth turning some red/purple states #JOEBLUE, so flame away @GOP. Nice doing business with y’all.
Here’s why Amash is bad news for the GOP everywhere in America. There will always be a contingent of Confederate Rs who just racist-philosophically can’t vote D at all, even to save their lives. Some of them are *still* not insane enough to vote for a sociopath/traitor AGAIN.
In Texas, the issue really is centered on REDUCING the overall raw GOP vote total for Trump. Hillary lost to Trump by what amounted to ~800K votes, so it doesn’t really take that much R slippage if we counter on the D side with massive D base and R/I crossover voter turnout.
Receipts on #VoteByMailTexas since folk STILL don’t wanna believe we aren’t playing around with these fucking traitors and fascists. #DontMessWithTexas #ExpectUs #ReturnMAGAToSender2020 ✉️🔥
No. Abbott nor the rest of the TXGOP has ANY vested interest left in keeping DT there, none whatsoever. It helps them more to have a stable Democratic economy at the national level, plus Greg isn’t on the ballot again until 2022, so this is literally their ONLY chance to #DumpDT
Also to expand on that answer @mike_calamari, TX already has the most draconian Jim Crow voter suppression in the country and its main weapon was reduced polling locations, which becomes a dud if the Rona vote by mail loophole provides our major workaround plus Kamala/Beto GOTDV.
I really can’t stress enough how much harder the TX primary/general elections are to understand without a working knowledge of the dichotomy between Federal vs. States’ rights and the *extremely heavy deference* to the latter in the “former Confederacy”. Here’s a primer:
When you look at the US map of states that don’t register by party and/or allow open voting in D primaries, you’ll see a good chunk of them in the “former Confederacy”. Non-Southerners often see this as a door to sabotage, but it’s also an *escape hatch*.
While the MSM, MAGAts, Berners and 🤖 were SO damn busy planting those obviously contrived stories about MAGAts for Bernie “ratfucking” the primary against Joe (aka being a Libertarian or estranged Republican), TX Never Trumpers were serious as HELL about @JoeBiden in the booth.
The reason this harkens back to what people think is the “ancient” history of the Civil War, slavery, Reconstruction and Jim Crow is open state primaries have always been the 4th layer of check & balance between slavery economy power and all other economic power. It’s a seesaw.
Right now in the seesaw equation, the Texas & National GOP have gone too far in the direction of getting too high/reckless and falling off. They’ve officially fallen off, actually. So that’s where “secretly” tipping the scales to the “enemy” for 4-8 years to regroup makes sense.
I mean, we ALL know by now that the GOP literally can’t actually govern worth a fucking damn, so it actually serves their fundraising and voter enthusiasm goals to be carnival barkers and obstruct forward progress from the minority chambers. They need a post-DT rebrand anyway.
Actually, this is a very, very bad take. Apart from the fact that Joe literally landslided Bernie out of the race *from his living room in Delaware this WHOLE TIME* 🥴, no SANE person needs to see anyone at any rally in person to know better than to NOT vote for fascism. Stop.
Let’s phrase it another way for folk who are getting confused by Bro/Berner misdirection on the Amash story. Amash is to Trump what Bernie was to Hillary, an attempt to *siphon* White “moderate” votes away from Trump, thereby “covertly” assisting us in thwarting the R nominee. 💡
As such, the Bros/Berners/bots are attempting a misdirection of “zomg let’s be nervous that a sane Republican (w/MICROSCOPIC national recognition outside the Twitterverse) finally wants to challenge the sociopath 😱!” So nervous that we “get scared out of wanting Kamala for VP”.
Once again, y’all are nervous about White people White peopling™️, which again is further proof that the LAST people you need to be taking cues from are the folk who are NOT going to show up in the booth to help marginalized people end this disaster, also known as THE OPPRESSOR.
I’ve been mulling this thought over in my mind since last night’s podcast, Rick asked both me and @sarahkendzior what his rebuttals should be to whatever the choice sound bite the RW echo chamber throws at White men is. The propaganda is a function of *proximity* to White men.
He was posing the question to me in the form of a letter he received from a listener who says he “thinks she’s great but wants to know why she doesn’t hit Joe for all the stuff she hits Trump for?! 🤷” Uhhhhh.... b/c I’m NOT a fucking MAGAt. 🤦🏾‍♀️
It dawned on me that the only time I ever hear what kind of nonsense is swirling around on Fox and AM radio is when I talk to a White man who works in politics radio. It’s such a night/day contrast to the political conversations I have with POC. Distraction now is expensive af.
Maybe 6 or even 4 years ago I’d have had some degree of appetite left to waste neurons on crafting witty retorts to GOP 🥩, but ultimately it means *nothing to them anyway* and their power is just a BIG macroaggression saying “what you care about doesn’t even register to me”.
Like, literally I don’t know anyone who cares about this shit and everyone I talk to, L and R has been saying Trump is an embarrassing disaster *together* ever since the 2018 midterms. Beto has an avenger movement in the burbs that folk outside TX can’t see/feel. That’s MY CUE.
I really don’t give a SHIT what excuses people who’ve voted R for the last ~56 YEARS by default of chronic hatred/stupidity/greed are gonna give themselves to repeat it, NONE of that is breaking news to me. I’m not gonna ignore real data to chase Putin’s Puppets into the 🦊 hole.
“There’s no story that's going to keep us from voting for Joe Biden. That's why many of us are backing Kamala Harris for VP. Put somebody on the ticket that excites us like Obama did. Kamala came to TX in March 2019, Beto & Kamala built the TX coalition.”
Ok, but can you imagine (brace yourself) Joe/Obama/Kamala/Beto/HRC all together pumping out the same chemistry all at the same time? Then combine that foundation with the Pete/Amy/Mike/Liz/Julian/Corey/Yang coalitions. Hell, Beto probably delivered Tulsi’s Joe endorsement too.
More Beto. Less Bernie. #ExpectUs #OperationVoteLikeYouWantToWin #ReliableAllyship #UniteVoteWin 🔥
Gentle reminder that these are the folk the Berners think we should be trying to placate with Joe’s VP slot, instead of sticking with the #SoulOfTheNation and seeking purple pastures in the South where enough of us down here know how bad this can get and are trying to STOP IT. 💅🏾
In case you’re still wondering why 1) the Right is staging AstroTurf, #SuperSpreading, open carry rallies in the Rust Belt 2) the Left is staging AstroTurf #PutinPuppet slander and bot 🤖 swarms about Joe “needing” a VP pick who doesn’t give bigots/misogynists/dummies a sad. 🧾
This is also why the Rust Belt is inundated with GOP/MAGAt #SuperSpreading, pro-COVID19 Klan rallies now. Trump’s trade war decimated the economy in the “heartland”, so now it’s blatantly obvious how the alt left’s crusade to go “bust” against the 1%/NAFTA/TPP primed them for DT.
Again (and for the umpteenth time), the reason why this Rust Belt-rage against-the-DNC Bro crusade isn’t/won’t be as lucrative or effective in the “former Confederacy” with Never Trumper Rs/Is and White “moderates” is they’ve BEEN KNOWN they’ve been against us b/c of the CRA/VRA.
Beyond all of that 👆🏾, nobody gets to pretend this is a hypothesis that has yet to be tested, b/c the #LandslideOfShade that finally sent Bernie to a damn 💺 BEGAN in *SC and the Dirty South* on Super Tuesday I (circa 3/3/20) and on the STRENGTH of the Obama/Clinton coalition. 💅🏾
More receipts on the South Will Rise Again Remix™️ that’s happening in the “Deep South” aka “former Confederacy” aka “establishment” as compared to the Klan rallies that are paradoxically now so prominent in the less ethnically diverse/economically devastated Rust Belt.
Also here’s yet another receipt on the “What’s the Matter with Kansas” phenomenon that’s simultaneously killing the jobs the WWC needs to survive, but baiting them into voting GOP or 3rd party by stoking their chronic White rage and resentment about women/LGBTQ/POC/immigrants.🧾
Berners and MAGAts can’t do math, but you know who can? 💅🏾 #TheAntiTrumps #ExpectUs 😈 #StillInFormationRegardless 🔥💣
It would be a #VRAJuneteenth in November and I’m gonna work my ASS OFF like HELL to make it happen, with ALL the help we can get, even if it’s from Never Trumper Rs who are only helping b/c their 💵 is in the 🚽 b/c of their reflexive White voting. THEY have a chance to repent.
Same is true for 11/3/20. It’ll be a BIG nail biter until enough votes have been cast with a solid paper trail (not as easily hackable by Russia/the GOP) AND counted (accurately and fairly, preferably with UN inspectors and the TX National Guard guarding the #USPS 🇺🇸✉️ ). B/c TX.
I actually don’t think it’s political fiction at all, I think it’s the MAIN reason the cowardly, chickenshit GOP is publicly standing by a sociopath but privately plotting a mutiny with Amash (functions as R->I) and crossover R voting for Joe in the “former Confederacy” on 11/3.
It’s really the *most relevant shit that isn’t being said enough now* but needs to be. Likewise it’s the MAIN reason *I keep trying to tell folk* that the pump is sufficiently primed for hordes of committed, lifelong TX Rs to “quietly” love @JoeBiden & #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare
Trumpian shit like this is yet another example of how/why hardcore Texas Republican Never Trumpers are shifting to @JoeBiden and threatening to *quiet as kept* help us #DumpTrump. Stranger things have certainly happened...💅🏾😈☕️
“My point is that Texas is ground zero of that type of ignorant voting & behavior & reflexive voting for skin identity rather than your pocketbook issues that are on your table.” - @docrocktex26 | via @RickSmithShow #FlipItBlueTexas #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica
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