the Ben Affleck alcoholic basketball coach movie that’s like a dramatic ripoff of Mighty Ducks is going to be so important to my life, i can tell
let’s gooooooo
The Way Back is a sequel to The Accountant
just three weeks until the release of The Way Back, starring Ben Affleck
He has more in common with Einstein, Mozart and Picasso than he does with us.
just received word that @alanalevinson and I are on the list to attend the press screening of THE WAY BACK. Bennonites rise up!!!!!!
about to see The Way Back
wow y’all. we went there and ALL the way back
please, i’m doing my best
as long as I’m keeping up the Ben thread, I have to share the first tweet that comes up when you search “milesklee affleck.” from 2014:
with no new theatrical movie releases on the horizon, posters and billboards for Ben Affleck's masterpiece, 'The Way Back,' could stay up for months, or even as long as a year
Look at me. I’m your family now
Maddie says this is how i look eating ice cream
staggering Bostonian energy
never quit. never say die
The Way Back
[whispering] that's batman
not a cell phone in sight
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